Pirate's Passage

2015 Canadian animated adventure film

Pirate's Passage is a 2015 Canadian animated adventure film based on a novel by William Gilkerson. It premiered on CBC Television on January 4, 2015.

Jim HawkinsEdit

  • Ah! I thought you said rum was good! Yuck!

Kerstin HawkinsEdit

  • [about Roy Moehner] He's the slimiest man in the World! He smiles, I want to throw up.
  • Roy Moehner's going to foreclose on the Inn. He has refused our plea for a loan extension. He's a bastard!


Captain Charles Johnson: [seeing Jim for the very first time] James?
Jim Hawkins: [correcting the Captain] Jim, sir.
Captain Charles Johnson: Jim, is it? Damn me. Trick of the light. It's your eyes, lad. You got the eyes of a boy I knew once upon a time. Thought I was seeing his ghost, 'cause I see ghosts from time to time. Happens to fellows who sail alone at sea. Do you know much about ghosts, Jim?
Jim Hawkins: No, sir. Not really, sir.
Captain Charles Johnson: Get me warm upstairs, and I'll introduce you to some of the ghosts I know.
Jim Hawkins: Yes, sir. Yes.

Jim Hawkins: This is what they call a sea chest?
Captain Charles Johnson: Aye. Too big to leave in here. What's behind that iron door, there?
Jim Hawkins: You can't take this off the boat. You're not supposed to.
Captain Charles Johnson: Them's their rules, and all they are for are smugglers and the like. Which doesn't apply to us. So, we'll obey them by not telling them.
Jim Hawkins: That grate's locked.
Captain Charles Johnson: You know where the key is?
Jim Hawkins: It's in the hall closet.
Captain Charles Johnson: There's a good lad. Go grab it.
Jim Hawkins: But...
Captain Charles Johnson: [interrupting Jim] What they don't know won't hurt them. Not always, mind ya. But, in this case, yes. It won't hurt them.
Jim Hawkins: I'll get the key for you, if you show me what's in the trunk.
Captain Charles Johnson: What? You don't want to know what's in this trunk.
Jim Hawkins: You want me to break the law - I have to know what I'm doing it for. That's a good lesson, don't you think?
Captain Charles Johnson: [somewhat sad] Heh... ah, Jim.

Jim Hawkins: There's a guy in town - Mr. Moehner. He holds our mortgage and wants to take the Inn away from us.
Captain Charles Johnson: What's his real name?
Jim Hawkins: That's his real name - Moehner. "M-o-e-h-n-e-r". It looks like "Moaner", but, it's pronounced "Meaner". He runs the town. He gets what he wants.
Captain Charles Johnson: Huh. You don't say.

[Roy Moehner is about to get busted with his illegal contraband goods]
Captain Charles Johnson: You thought you could dismast us, didn't you, Mr. Gentleman?
Roy Moehner: [apparently not understanding the Captain's comment] I have no idea what you're talking about. Now, get out of my way.
Captain Charles Johnson: [grabbing Roy by the shirt] Are you goin' swimmin'?
Roy Moehner: [still confused] What the Hell?
Captain Charles Johnson: [shoves Roy away from the Warehouse] We just blew your ship out of the water, mister, and you didn't even know it, yet, did ya? Well, you're about to find out!

Captain Charles Johnson: Lucky for the dog, Todd didn't bring *him*. Dogs like that can't swim.
Jim Hawkins: They can't?
Captain Charles Johnson: No. Mass is too heavy.

Jim Hawkins: Good rum?
Captain Charles Johnson: You never tasted it?
Jim Hawkins: Heh! No.
Captain Charles Johnson: You smoke?
Jim Hawkins: No!
Captain Charles Johnson: Rum's really good. You want a sip?
Jim Hawkins: No, thank you.
Captain Charles Johnson: Good decision.

Mr. Herkes: [after Todd spills ink on Jim's desk] Clean it up.
Jenny: May I help Jim clean his desk up?
Mr. Herkes: Yes, indeed, you may. And, Todd?
Todd Moehner: Yes, sir?
Mr. Herkes: You may clean up the floor.
[The other students, except for Jim and Jenny, laugh out loud]

Captain Charles Johnson: [as Klaus is about to get on the ship, Captain Charles Johnson deliberately lets the line slip, to make Klaus fall into the water] Watch it!
Klaus Moehner: [after boarding the boat] The Hell happened? Jesus Murphy! Hold on to the damn line!
Captain Charles Johnson: [pretending to be innocent] Sorry! Slipped!

Jim Hawkins: [after getting pushed by Todd] Stop doing that, Todd!
Todd Moehner: [shoves Jim again, while Jenny watches Jim somewhat nervously] You got my dad arrested!
Jim Hawkins: I'm warning you, Todd!
[Grendel sits down after growling]
Todd Moehner: Nyeh! You gonna cry on me? [prepares to punch Jim]
Jim Hawkins: No, I'm not going to cry on you. I'm gonna kill your dog.
[Todd takes a step back, and starts looking nervous]
Jenny: [somewhat surprised] You'd really kill Grendel?
Jim Hawkins: If it turned into a fight to the death, sure, but that's not what's going to happen with a dog.

Captain Charles Johnson: So, let me take you down to the Sou'wester and buy you the drink. Uh, you, Klaus, you'd better get yourself into some warm clothes, first. Pneumonia's not what you want.
Jim Hawkins: Captain? You can't go.
Captain Charles Johnson: Oh, damn, Jim, you're right. I can't. Not until Immigration clears me. At raincheck, then, fellas. All right? A drink when I've landed.
Klaus Moehner: [shivering] Yes, sir.
Captain Charles Johnson: Get him home.
Carl Moehner: Will do.
Captain Charles Johnson: And the young one.

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