Piranha 3D

2010 American 3D horror comedy film directed by Alexandre Aja

Piranha 3D is a 2010 American 3D comedy horror film inspired by and a remake of the 1978 film Piranha.

Julia ForesterEdit

  • Get the **** out of the water!
  • [brings out a taser gun] You boys take one more step, you'll be pissing lightning bolts into next week.

Jake ForesterEdit

  • [to Derrick] Okay Speedo!

Novak RadzinskyEdit

  • There are thousands of them and they are pissed!
  • [to Mr. Goodman] Excuse me, but is that a ******* piranha?


Jake Forester: I am so sorry. We're on the lake.
Julie Forester: What? Where are Laura and Zane?
Jake Forester: They're with me on the boat.
Julie Forester: Oh, my God, Jake! Whatever you do, do not go into the water.
Jake Forester: You don't understand, Mom. Our boat is sinking.

Danni: Nice horn.
Laura Forester: Thanks. Nice boobs.
Danni: Thanks.
Laura Forester: I have a training bra but I don't like to wear it 'cause it itches.
Danni: Tell me about it! Who are you waiting for?
Laura Forester: My brother Jake, he's seventeen. He'll like your boobs too.
Danni: They all do.

Laura Forester: You talk funny.
Derrick Jones: Yeah, well, you're short.

Sam: Something bit me.
Paula: Oh, yeah, right. I thought you always liked that kind of stuff.

Julie Forester: Are you sure you can do this?
Danni: You better believe it. [Climbing on the rope]
Danni: I don't pole dance for nothing!
Julie Forester: [Rounding angrily on her son] You've got a lot of explaining to do, young man!

Mr. Goodman: [to Julie] The piranhas that killed those divers, the ones you're hunting for, they're not fully developed. They're the babies.
Novak: The babies? Huh. So where are the parents? [a giant piranha jumps out of the water and kills Novak]

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