Piranha (1978 film)

1978 film by Joe Dante

Piranha is a 1978 film about genetically engineered piranhas that are accidentally released into a river near a summer camp and a resort.

Directed by Joe Dante. Written by John Sayles.
They're Here...Hungry for flesh! Who Can Stop Them?  (taglines)

Mr. Dumont

  • People eat fish, Grogan. Fish don't eat people.


  • Reporter: Terror, horror, death. Film at eleven.


Maggie McKeown: Mr. Grogan, I'm looking for two teenagers that disappeared a few weeks ago. Some friends of theirs said they went camping around here.
Paul Grogan: Well, I haven't seen them. You talk to the sheriff's people?
Maggie McKeown: I did. They told me that it's a pretty big mountain area.
Paul Grogan: It is.
Maggie McKeown: So... I was wondering if there are any places around here they might be or if they may have gone for a swim.
Paul Grogan: Well if they drowned, they'd be swept down to the dam. So, you're starting off at the wrong end.
Maggie McKeown: Boy, you're the wrong end all right!

Maggie McKeown: Are there any other shacks around here?
Paul Grogan: Cabins! This is a cabin!
Maggie McKeown: Well, are there any more of them? Any place they might be hole up in?
Paul Grogan: There's an old fella named Jack who has a place downriver, but he woundn't treat any hospitality towards them. Oh, and there was some kind of Army test site way up on top of the mountain. But that closed down five, six years ago.
Maggie McKeown: C'mon, let's go.
Paul Grogan: To where?
Maggie McKeown: You're taking me up there.
Paul Grogan: Oh NO I'm not!

Maggie McKeown: So did you start drinking before or after your wife divorced you?
Paul Grogan: What the hell kind of question is THAT?

Maggie McKeown: That guard is still out there.
Paul Grogan: Fine. I need you to distract him.
Maggie McKeown: What for?
Paul Grogan: So I can get away.
Maggie McKeown: So YOU can get away? What about me?
Paul Grogan: Well suit yourself. Just come onto him, tell him what an admirer you are of Army or something like that.
Maggie McKeown: What if he's gay?
Paul Grogan: Then I'll go and distract him!

Whitney: The piranhas...
Buck Gardner: What about the goddamn piranhas?
Whitney: They're eating the guests, sir.


  • Lost River Lake was a thriving resort - until they discovered...
  • They're Here...Hungry for flesh! Who Can Stop Them?


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