Pinky Dinky Doo

animated television series

Pinky Dinky Doo (2005–2011) is an American children's television series aired on Noggin. On 2009, Noggin cancelled the series after 2 seasons.

Episode 1 (Season 1)Edit

Where Are My Shoes? (1.1)Edit

[First lines in the series]
Tyler: Pinky! Pinky Dinky Doo-oo!
Pinky: What do you want, Tyler?
Tyler: Have you seen my shoes? All I can find is a boot and a flipper.
Pinky: So, what's wrong with that?
Tyler: I've got day camp today. If I don't find my real shoes, I'm in big trouble.
Pinky: Hmm, missing shoes? That gives me an idea.
Tyler: Pinky, are you gonna make up a story?
Pinky: Yesserooni, Positooni!

Pinky: So, what do you think I should wear to school today? Let's see. Should I wear a big, stinky wedge of cheese? Hmm, too cheesy. So, how about... a pretty pet pink pony? Well, I like ponies pretty much, but not pink. I know, I know, my hair's pink, my name's Pinky, but I don't like pink! So... how about my very favorite dress? Perfect.
Daddy: Pinky, breakfast!

Pinky: Check this out! I couldn't find my shoes, look what I had to wear.

Pinky Dinky Doo and the Outer Space Fluffy Buns (1.2)Edit

Nicholas: Whoa, this is so cool, Pinky Dinky Doo! Our building is rising like crazy!
Tyler: Wait a minute, Pinky.

Daffinee: Oh, boy, Pinky Dinky Doo, you're not supposed to do that to the building. Honestly. Aah!

Episode 2 (Season 1)Edit

Tyler's Great Big Solo (2.1)Edit

Polka Dot Pox (2.2)Edit

Pinky: That's exactly what happened. [Mr. Guinea Pig turns off the video game.] I'm glad my story made you feel... [Pinky sneezes and she caught a cold. Mr. Guinea Pig had a popsicle stick to make Pinky feel better.]
Tyler: Uh-oh, I guess it's my turn to make up a story to help you feel better, and that's exactly what I'm gonna do. Can you make up a story too? (final lines)

Episode 3 (Season 1)Edit

Pinky and the Grumpy Alligator (3.1)Edit

The Horn and Antler Club (3.2)Edit

Episode 4 (Season 1)Edit

Tyler Dinky Doo and the Pirate Crew (4.1)Edit

Pinky Dinky Doo and the Missing Dinosaurs (4.2)Edit

Episode 5 (Season 1)Edit

Pinky Dinky Doo and the Pizza Artist (5.1)Edit

Pinky Dinky Doo and the Party Animals (5.2)Edit

Episode 6 (Season 1)Edit

Tyler's Tall O'Meter (6.1)Edit

Pinky: I'll get it. Hmm... What should we eat? Wow! How about a chocolate covered canoe? Nah, too canoe-y. How about this dancing duck?
♪ I'm a quack quack here, I'm a quack quack there, I'm a duck, quack quack ♪
Pinky: Nah, too upstage-y. Hey! How about some frosted brainiac flakes? Perfect.
Narrator: It was a good thing Pinky ate a good breakfast, because by afternoon, she was playing basketball at Hoopty-Doop Stadium. And by evening, she was so gigantic, she picked apples from the treetops in Smack Dab Park. Yep, Pinky was thrilled to be tall, and getting taller every minute. Pinky was growing so fast, the Get Tall O'Meter started to shimmy and shake.

Tyler: Hey, Mr. Guinea Pig.
Mr. Guinea Pig: Hello!
Tyler: That's a great plan! I'm just hope I'm tall enough.
Narrator: Tyler zip-zam-zoomed to the bedroom, where the Get Tall O'Meter was still going kerplooey.
Tyler: I'm supposed to pull that lever, but it's pretty high. [grunting] Hey, I'm just the right side.
Pinky: Whoa, I think I'm getting smaller. I think I'm shrinking.
Tyler: I saw Pinky on her way down, but where'd she go?
Pinky: Yoo-hoo! Looking for me?

Tyler: Great story. I was just the right size to reach the lever and fix The Get-Tall-O'Meter.
Pinky: Yeah, way to go, little brother.
Tyler: You never know when being small could solve a... (trumpet fanfare) gargantuan problem. Sounds like game time.
Pinky: Say "Cheese, please".
Pinky, Tyler, & Mr. Guinea Pig: [together] Cheese, please.

Pinky Dinky Doo and the Cloud People (6.2)Edit

Narrator: The clouds were so happy, they gave Pinky and Mr. Guinea Pig their own personal rainbows.
Pinky: Cool rainbows.
Boy Cloud and Girl Cloud: Bye!
Pinky: And that's exactly what happened, pretty much, the end.

Episode 7 (Season 1)Edit

Tyler Dinky Doo's Big Boo (7.1)Edit

Pinky and the New Teacher (7.2)Edit

Episode 8 (Season 1)Edit

Tyler to the Rescue (8.1)Edit

Tyler: That's my sister! We have to help her.

Tyler: I guess I'll have to use my brain, not my muscles. It's time for me to think big.

Shrinky Pinky (8.2)Edit

Lane Puppytray: Thanks, Pinky.
Pinky: Hey, I'm next in line, no butting.
Lunch Teacher: Excuse me, Mrs. Dinky Doo. There's no butting. Go to the end of the line.
Pinky: But, but...
Lunch Teacher: No buts, Mrs. Dinky Doo. You've done enough butting for now.
Narrator: And did you know what? Lane just stood there and let Pinky get in trouble.
Pinky: I'm so mad!
Narrator: Then things got worse. During the next week, did Lane break Pinky's favorite flower pen, tear up Pinky's homework, or squash Pinky's newest bluest shoes?! Unfortunately, for Pinky, the answer was all of the above.

Episode 9 (Season 1)Edit

Tyler's Too Cool Game (9.1)Edit

Come Home, Little Guinea Pig (9.2)Edit

Episode 10 (Season 1)Edit

Pinky and the Super Spaghetti Knot (10.1)Edit

Back to School is Cool (10.2)Edit

Episode 11 (Season 1)Edit

Tyler Dinky Doo's Sporting News (11.1)Edit

Dragon Needs a Sippy Cup (11.2)Edit

Episode 12 (Season 1)Edit

Tyler Dinky Doo and the Legend of Twigfoot (12.1)Edit

Pinky and the Big Rainy Day (12.2)Edit

Pinky: Bye kitties! Bye doggies! What a nice way to end a rainy day. No more... (trumpet fanfare) cacophony.
Pinky: And that's exactly what happened, pretty much, the end.

Tyler: That'll be the sound of cats and dogs making a lot of noise.
Pinky: That's right, little brother. Let's play.
(rooster crows)
Pinky: So what do you think? Is that the sound of cats and dogs making a lot of noise?
Tyler: No!
(rooster crows)
Tyler: That's a rooster.
(siren wails)
Pinky:What do you think? Is that the sound of cats and dogs making a lot of noise?
Tyler: No!
(siren wails)
Tyler: That's a fire engine.
(cats meowing, dogs barking)
Pinky: Or is that the sound of cats and dogs making a lot of noise?
Tyler: Yes!
Pinky: That's it. That's the sound of cats and dogs making a lot of noise.
(cats meowing, dogs barking)
Pinky and Tyler: (cheering)
[Mr. Guinea Pig turns off the video game.]
Pinky: I'd love making up stories. I'll bet you can make up a story too.

Episode 13 (Season 1)Edit

Pinky's Awful Good Day (13.1)Edit

Tyler's Neat-O Tuxedo (13.2)Edit

Episode 14 (Season 1)Edit

Pinky's Wintery Dintery Doo (14.1)Edit

Pinky's Great Big Concert (14.2)Edit

Episode 15 (Season 1)Edit

The Great Big Cheese Chase (15.1)Edit

Pinky: More crumbs?
Mr. Guinea Pig: No, fuzz, and it's yellow, and it smells like cheese.
Pinky: So, our... (trumpet fanfare) culprit must be a fuzzy yellow...
Mr. Guinea Pig: Whistler.
Pinky: A-ha.
Nicholas: Listen, there it is again.
Narrator: Pinky and her friends waved goodbye to Pappy Pepperoni and took off after the fuzzy yellow whistler. They ran super fast to the park, until they saw Boomer still did looking really sad.

Try It, You'll Like It... Pretty Much (15.2)Edit

Episode 16 (Season 1)Edit

Pinky Dinky Duplicate (16.1)Edit

Pinky: I can use a duplicator to make copies of myself, and the copies can do all my chores.
Narrator: So, Mr. Guinea Pig pressed the start button...
Voice: 1 Pinky. 2 Pinkies. 3 Pinkies.
Narrator: and 3 new copies of Pinky popped out.
Pinky: 3 Pinkies. Perfect! You can do my homework.
Pinky Copy #1: Okay.
Pinky: You can make my bed.
Pinky Copy #2: Okay.
Pinky: And you can help Tyler find the bananas.
Pinky Copy #3: Okay.

Narrator: So, Mr. Guinea Pig hit the start button on the duplicator...
Voice: 1 Pinky.
Narrator: but nothing seemed to happen. So he hit it again...
Voice: 2 Pinkies.
Narrator: and again...
Voice: 3 Pinkies.
Narrator: and again...
Voice: 4 Pinkies. 5 Pinkies. Many, many pinkies.
Narrator: and still nothing, nothing, nothing.
Mr. Guinea Pig: How can I get a machine's blast?
Narrator: So, Mr. Guinea Pig gave up. And as soon as he left, the duplicator began to pop out pinkies: lots and lots of pinkies. Each Pinky began doing chores. First, they did Pinky's homework, then they made Pinky's bed. But they were too many them, and they began to make a big mess.
Mommy Dinky Doo: Thank you, Pinky.
Pinky Copy: You're welcome.
Mommy Dinky Doo: Thank you, Pinky.
Pinky Copy: You're welcome.
Mommy Dinky Doo: Thank you, Pinky.
Pinky Copy: You're welcome.
Pinky Copies: You're welcome. [keeps saying "You're welcome" a million times]
Mommy Dinky Doo: Oh, my! That's a lot of pinkies!
Mr. Guinea Pig: Uh-oh. Quick, the duplicator made too many pinkies, and now there's in big trouble!
Pinky: [Pinky becomes mad] What?! Oh, no!
Daddy Dinky Doo: Pinky!!!
Pinky: What a mess! This will teach me to never... (trumpet fanfare) duplicate myself again!
Tyler: Pinky, come quick!
Pinky: Uh-oh.

I Want That (16.2)Edit

Episode 17 (Season 1)Edit

Boom! Sonic Boom! (17.1)Edit

Daffinee: Help! My bed's making me up!

Pinky the Pet (17.2)Edit

Narrator: So, Pinky followed the frog to a place where the plants are green and lash, and the lily pads are way big.
Pinky: Cool.
Narrator: The frogs had a beautiful... What's that word for a place where people or animals live?
Tyler: Wait a minute, Pinky. I know, it's... (trumpet fanfare) habitat. A habitat is a place where people or animals live.
Pinky: Right you are, little brother! The frogs had a beautiful... (trumpet fanfare) habitat.

Episode 18 (Season 1)Edit

Guppy Training Day (18.1)Edit

Pinky and the Babysitter (18.2)Edit

Episode 19 (Season 1)Edit

Tyler's Lucky Sock (19.1)Edit

Tyler's Best Sleepover Ever (19.2)Edit

Episode 20 (Season 1)Edit

Pinky's Big Talent (20.1)Edit

Pinky Dinky Re-Doo (20.2)Edit

Episode 21 (Season 1)Edit

Tyler's Super Family (21.1)Edit

Pinky and the Ice Cream Babies (21.2)Edit

Episode 22 (Season 1)Edit

Mr. Guinea Pig and the Big Bone (22.1)Edit

Mr. Guinea Pig, Superstar (22.2)Edit

Episode 23 (Season 1)Edit

Pinky and the Pink Phenomenon (23.1)Edit

Pinky: I know, I know. I don't like pink! I don't want to see... [A car splashed Pinky, Tyler, and Mr. Guinea Pig with pink water. Pinky, Tyler, and Mr. Guinea Pig got all wet.] more pink!
Narrator: Now Pinky was really upset. So upset that her face turned pink, and pink steam was coming out of her ears.
Pinky: PIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIINKKKKKKKK! We've got to figure out this pink... (trumpet fanfare) phenomenon.

Two Wheel Dreams (23.2)Edit

Episode 24 (Season 1)Edit

Go to Bed, Tyler! (24.1)Edit

Mr. Guinea Pig's Loose Tooth (24.2)Edit

Episode 25 (Season 1)Edit

Think Pink (25.1)Edit

Tyler's First Flight (25.2)Edit

Episode 26 (Season 1)Edit

Pinky and the Castle of Cards (26.1)Edit

Daddy's Special Shirt (26.2)Edit

Episode 1 (Season 2)Edit

Pinky Thinky Doo! (1.1)Edit

Big Brain Block (1.2)Edit

Episode 2 (Season 2)Edit

Tooting Trunk (2.1)Edit

In the Dark (2.2)Edit

Narrator: Sir Guinea Pig, the Brave Explorer, had discovered a new land, by day, beautiful and lovely, but then, night fell.
Sir Guinea Pig, the Brave Explorer: Uh-oh, dark! Excuse me.
[Pinky turns on the light with a light switch.]
Narrator: Sir Guinea Pig, the Brave, looked... a little nervous.
Sir Guinea Pig, the Brave Explorer: Oh, look at the time. Methinks I'll go and be brave under my bed.
Narrator: With the dark, dark, darkness, Brave Sir Guinea Pig became... (trumpet fanfare) reluctant.

Episode 3 (Season 2)Edit

Stinky Pinky Doo! (3.1)Edit

Narrator: At lunchtime, while Nicholas Biscuit was telling jokes...
Nicholas: A duck, he quacks me up! That's not my monkey! What's black and white and red all over? A zebra with a diaper rash.
Narrator: The jokes were so funny that Pinky started laughing really hard.
Pinky: A zebra with a diaper rash!
Narrator: And then it happened. Daffinee got a whiff of Pinky's breath.
Daffinee: Whew, someone's breath smells like an old garbage truck.
Nicholas: Is that what that is?
Bobby: Wow, I thought a skunk got in the school.
Narrator: Pinky suddenly realized that it was her bad breath, but hoped that no one knew.

Kooky Cook-Off (3.2)Edit

Episode 4 (Season 2)Edit

Speed Rocket (4.1)Edit

The Great Biscotti (4.2)Edit

Episode 5 (Season 2)Edit

The Trip Not Taken! (5.1)Edit

Always Ask First! (5.2)Edit

Episode 6 (Season 2)Edit

Burpzilla (6.1)Edit

♪ If someone's got a problem and has trouble they can't face ♪
♪ Just listen to their problem and put yourself in their place ♪
Mr. Guinea Pig: Come on, Super Duper Doo! (trumpet fanfare) Concentrate!

Happy Burp-Day! (6.2)Edit

Episode 7 (Season 2)Edit

Tyler's Story Box Disaster (7.1)Edit

Balloony Feet (7.2)Edit

Episode 8 (Season 2)Edit

Big Blob of Talk (8.1)Edit

Vicki Chicken (8.2)Edit

Episode 9 (Season 2)Edit

The Thundering Thesaurus (9.1)Edit

The Pinkys Rock (9.2)Edit

Episode 10 (Season 2)Edit

The Mystery Planet (10.1)Edit

Octopus in Tap Shoes (10.2)Edit

Episode 11 (Season 2)Edit

Pinky Dinky Rex (11.1)Edit

Puppy-Go-Seek (11.2)Edit

Episode 12 (Season 2)Edit

Pop the Corn (12.1)Edit

Mr. Guinea Pig, the Game Show Host: All right. Daffinee, Pinky, and Bobby... Uh-oh! It looks like we need to clear some of this popcorn out of the way! But how should we do it?
Pinky: Should we use a giant vacuum to suck it all up?
Mr. Guinea Pig, the Game Show Host: Nah, too vacummy.
Daffinee: Should we pour caramel over it and make it into a giant popcorn ball?
Mr. Guinea Pig, the Game Show Host: Nah, too sticky.

Mr. Guinea Pig, the Game Show Host: As I was saying, it's time for the final question. Pinky, if you get this question right, you'll win! What is the main ingredient in corn patties in corny sauce with a side of corn?
Narrator: But Pinky was too nervous. This was just too much... (trumpet fanfare) suspense. She couldn't think of the right answer. Pinky Dinky Doo knew it was time to think big.
Mr. Guinea Pig, the Game Show Host: Stand back, studio audience! Pinky's gonna think big!

Lord of the Pies (12.2)Edit

Narrator: So they took just a tiny taste at first of coconut clambo cream pie. And boy, was it fantastic!
[Pinky and Nicholas are eating a coconut clambo cream pie while Pinky and Nicholas are eating a blueberry pie.]
(pig snorts)
(chicken clucks)
Nicholas: Man, I'm full. I hope it's okay that we broke the chief's rule.
Pinky: That rule seemed kind of... (trumpet fanfare) arbitrary, didn't it?
Nicholas: Yeah, I bet the chief just made that rule up for no reason. (hiccup) [Nicholas has hiccups.]
Pinky: Whoa, Nicholas! That was a really loud... (hiccup) [Pinky has hiccups.] What's making us... (hiccup)
Nicholas: I can't (hiccup) think of a single reason.
Pinky: Yeah, it's so... (trumpet fanfare) arbitrary.
Narrator: Just then, they saw the chief coming.
Nicholas: Oh, no! He's gonna be mad that we broke the rule!
Pinky and Nicholas: HIDE!!!
Narrator: So, Pinky and Nicholas hid.
Pinky: What do we do now?
Nicholas: I don't know! I can't stop... [Pinky and Nicholas can't stop hiccuping.] Somebody do something!
Narrator: Pinky Dinky Doo knew that it was time to think big.
Nicholas: I'd better look out, Pinky's gonna think big!

Episode 13 (Season 2)Edit

Great Big Nature (13.1)Edit

Monkey Town (13.2)Edit

Monkey Mommy: Oh, little monkeys, time for bed!
Monkey Pinky: Good night, Coco Monkey Doll.
Monkey Tyler: Good night. See you in the monkey morning.
Tyler: Pinky.
[Day becomes night in Monkey Town.]
(wolf howls)
Pinky: Yeah?
Tyler: You sure say "monkey" a lot!
Pinky: That's because my story's about monkeys.
Tyler: Oh, okay.
[Night becomes day in Monkey Town.]
(rooster crows)
Narrator: The next morning, Big Sister Monkey and Baby Monkey raced to the beach.

Episode 14 (Season 2)Edit

Loch Mess Lobster (14.1)Edit

Super Doo and Traffic Too (14.2)Edit

♪ If someone's got a problem and has trouble they can't face ♪
♪ Just listen to their problem and put yourself in their place ♪
Mr. Guinea Pig: Come on, Super Duper Doo, concentrate!

Episode 15 (Season 2)Edit

The Two Daffinees (15.1)Edit

Hot Hot Hot (15.2)Edit

Episode 16 (Season 2)Edit

The Legend of Big Blue (16.1)Edit

Ponytail Power (16.2)Edit

Episode 17 (Season 2)Edit

Pinky's Perfect Present (17.1)Edit

Pinky Squeaks (17.2)Edit

Episode 18 (Season 2)Edit

Great Big Bean Festival (18.1)Edit

Are You My Mummy? (18.2)Edit

Episode 19 (Season 2)Edit

Tyler's Silly Shirt (19.1)Edit

Pinky's Missing Page (19.2)Edit

Episode 20 (Season 2)Edit

Tipsy Topsy (20.1)Edit

Growing Up Stretchy (20.2)Edit

Pinky: Was it "Earmuff Pinky"?
Earmuff Pinky: Cozy ears.
Pinky: "Director Pinky"?
Director Pinky: Lights, camera, actorooni!
Pinky: "Farmer Pinky"?
Farmer Pinky: E-I-E-I-O.
Pinky: "Sherlock Pinky"?
Sherlock Pinky: A-ha! A clue.

Episode 21 (Season 2)Edit

Squeedorp Grand (21.1)Edit

Narrator: So Pinky, Daffinee, Nicholas, and Tyler started hiking. It was really hard because they were carrying so much stuff.
Daffinee: I think my backpack is getting heavier.
Pinky: Man, who would've thought crayons could be so heavy?
Nicholas: Maybe... Ms. Zero was right.
Tyler: Ugh, all my miggy monsters don't seem so... (trumpet fanfare) essential anymore.
Ms. Zero: Looks like you guys need to take a break.
Daffinee: Are we there yet?
Mommy Dinky Doo: Sorry, but we're only halfway there.

The Pinky-Riffic Hat (21.2)Edit

Pinky: Now that's something you don't see every day. Hi, Ms. Zerogoblot.
Ms. Zero: Well, hello, Pinky Dinky Doo!
Pinky: That hat's really different. It's so... (trumpet fanfare) quirky.
Ms. Zero: What? Oh, this old thing? Why, everyone on Squeedorp Prime has one.
Alien #1: Morning!
Alien #2: Morning!
Ms. Zero: I can't wait to see your hat, Pinky. I know it'll be... (trumpet fanfare) quirky. See you at school!

Pinky: Was it "Astronaut Pinky"?
Astronaut Pinky: Boldly go and explore.
Pinky: "Quirky Hat Pinky"?
Quirky Hat Pinky: I'm Pinky-Riffic!
Pinky: "Farmer Pinky"?
Farmer Pinky: E-I-E-I-O.
Pinky: "Sherlock Pinky"?
Sherlock Pinky: A-ha! A clue.

Episode 22 (Season 2)Edit

Tyler and the 4 M's (22.1)Edit

A Promise is a Promise (22.2)Edit

Narrator: Trusty Tyler was a great helper. Everyone said Trusty Tyler was the most... (trumpet fanfare) dependable puppy wrangler they ever had. [Day becomes night in Giddyupy Puppy Ranch.] Until one day... [Night becomes day in Giddyupy Puppy Ranch.]
(rooster crows)
Tyler: Okay, cute frisky puppies. Are you ready for your... Huh?

Episode 23 (Season 2)Edit

What's Bugging Tyler (23.1)Edit

Baby Purple Dragon: Mommy!
Mommy Purple Dragon: My baby!
Pinky: Bye-bye, little dragon.
Baby Purple Dragon: Bye-bye, Pinky. Thank you for taking me back to my own... (trumpet fanfare) environment.
Pinky: We'll miss you, dragon.
Mommy Purple Dragon: Don't worry, you'll see him again when you come back to play Jungle Bungle Ball. Dragons love that!

Mr. Guinea Pig's Museum (23.2)Edit

Episode 24 (Season 2)Edit

Teeny Weeny Waste (24.1)Edit

Mr. Guinea Pig: I don't suppose it came from, GREAT BIG LAKE!!!

Pinky and the Duck (24.2)Edit

Episode 25 (Season 2)Edit

Great Big New Year (25.1)Edit

Pinky's Happy Doo Year (25.2)Edit

Episode 26 (Season 2)Edit

Pinky's Silliest Story (26.1)Edit

Narrator: So Pinky, Tyler, and Mr. Guinea Pig blasted off for the moon.

Pinky: I just remembered that this made-up story is totally... (trumpet fanfare) random, and we can do anything we want! Ready?
All: And that's exactly what happened, pretty much, the end.

Tyler's Big Idea (26.2)Edit

Narrator: Okay, so one day in Great Big Science Laboratory, Pinky and Tyler were visiting their good friend Professor Boom.

Pinky: First, Tyler couldn't think of a story, then he had his big idea, then we went into Tyler's imagination. And that's exactly how it happened, pretty much. [Mr. Guinea Pig turns off the video game.] I'd love making up stories, and I bet you can make up a story too.
[Last lines in the series]


  • India Ennenga - Pinky Dinky Doo
  • Felix Chrome - Tyler Dinky Doo
  • Juan van Michaelangelo - Mr. Guinea Pig

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