Pink Floyd: Live at Pompeii

1972 concert documentary film

Pink Floyd:Live at Pompeii (1972) is a concert film by Pink Floyd. Along with footage of the band performing their music in an ancient Pompeii ampitheatre, it also includes interviews and studio footage of the band recording their legendary Dark Side of The Moon album.

Directed by Adrian Maben.

David Gilmour

  • Don't worry about that... Christ, where would rock 'n roll be without feedback?
  • It was very heavy back a few years ago. It's not so bad since, but I think some people still think of us as a very drug oriented group. 'Course we're not. You can trust us!
  • I mean, obviously they're all a gang of idiots, but, you know, live and let live. (Regarding his bandmates)
  • It's all extensions of what's coming out of our heads. I mean, you've got to remember you've got to have it inside your head to be able to get it out at all anyway.
  • Oh, we have some pretty good arguments from time to time, yes.

Roger Waters

  • It's like saying, Give a man a Les Paul guitar and he becomes Eric Clapton. And it's not true. Give a man an amplifier and a synthesizer and he doesn't become...whomever, he doesn't become us.
  • In the finished article, the only thing that's important is whether it moves you or not. There's nothing else that's important at all.
  • When the great economic collapse happens, it's going to happen right across the board. But, I don't think rock and roll will go first. I mean, the market at the moment in rock and roll is expanding a phenomenal rate. People are constantly saying it: "Rock's dying." You know? Every six months someone says it, with enormous conviction! It's not gonna happen!
  • [To camera, with mouth full] Hello, mum!
  • All that media stuff is all very irrelevant. Because people...if people come to a concert and they don't like it, they don't come again.

Nick Mason

  • It's not that we're trying to shake an image off. But, we're doing other things. 'Cause we want to do other things.
  • We share the same sense of humor, to some extent. We lust after money, to some extent. And we've all got a lot of interest in what we're doing together.

Rick Wright

  • We have a great understanding of eachother, we're very tolerant of eachother. But, a lot of things unsaid as well...I feel.
  • We have a very recognizable sound. I mean, anyone who listens to our records will know it's the Floyd. Where as, anyone who listens to many other bands will know they're playing blues, or they're playing this or that.


Nick: (to manager Steve O'Rourke) Could you go out there and get another apple pie, without the cream and no crust.
Steve O'Rourke: Can I have an apple pie without the crust? Just the middle piece. You got any middle pieces? [...] They've only got the round apple pies now, Nick. What're you gonna do about it?
Nick: Go without.

[Roger and David are sitting at a table eating oysters, Rick is sitting at the table too, but eating a sandwhich.]
Roger: These oysters are good, aren't they?
David: Yes.
Roger: Yes, these're good oysters here, aren't they?
David: Yes.
Roger: Yes, these're good oysters here.
David: Seems to be the right season of year.
Rick: The oysters are alright?
Roger: The oysters are very good.
David: Yes, this time of year.
Adrian: Are they French oysters?
David: Well, I don't know what nationality they are
Roger: ...I like to think that oysters transcend national barriers, Adrian.

Adrian: What's this film you'll be making?
David: [Laughing] You ought to know! You're the director!

Adrian: Are you fairly happy with the film?
Roger: What do you mean happy?
Adrian: Well, do you feel it's going in a direction that is interesting or not?
Roger: [Pretends to look perplexed]...What do you mean interesting?

Roger: I mean, they can say anything they like.
Adrian: Yes, but do you think they're right?
Roger: Well, of course I don't think they're right. I mean, who are they to say whether anything is enough or not enough about anything? Particularly about our records.
Adrian: Well, they're the people who buy the records...
Roger: Well, the people who buy the records can listen to the record and decide whether it's evolved enough for them to want to buy it. If it hasn't, they don't have to buy it, do they?

David: Is this your milk, Rick? Can I drink it?
Rick: No, you can have a sip.


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