Piet de Jong

prime minister of the Netherlands (1915–2016)

Petrus Josef Sietse "Piet" de Jong (April 3, 1915 – July 27, 2016) was a Dutch politician of the defunct Catholic People's Party (KVP) now merged into the Christian Democratic Appeal (CDA). He served as Prime Minister of the Netherlands from April 5, 1967 until July 6, 1971.

Piet de Jong in 1970


  • 'Majesty, there you see a how a person comes down in the world.'
    • When he was sworn in as State Secretary, he told Queen Juliana, for whom he had served as aide-de-camp.
  • 'As far as I know, pornography is the only working medicine against seasickness.'
    • In response to a delicate question of a radio reporter, when asked what his thoughts on pornography were.
  • 'Well, the Belgians aren't a seafaring people, are they?'
    • In a reaction when a Belgian minister spoke negatively about the libertarian ideas of the Dutch on pornography, following the above quotation.
  • 'Yes I am a lucky guy'
    • When a tv interviewer told him he was pretty lucky for surviving World War II in a submarine.
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