Pierre Henri Leroux (7 April 1797 – 12 April 1871) was a French philosopher and political economist. He was born at Bercy, now a part of Paris, the son of an artisan.


  • Why should we now restrict ourselves to the Jewish Pantheon when we have been illuminated by this light which has begun to spread right across the horizon? ... Should we only recognize in humanity that isolated branch which is called Christianity, the revelation of Moses and that of Jesus? No. We desire a more ample Pantheon, one which answers to the name, so recently coined, of HUMANITY... We are not sons of Jesus or of Moses; we are sons of humanity.... On what principle of distributive justice can you place all the great religious lawgivers of humanity at the feet of one of them who lived in a comparatively recent age? ..
    • Poliakov, L. (1974). The Aryan myth : a history of racist and nationalist ideas in Europe 200-1
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