Phoebe Robinson

American comedian

Phoebe Robinson (September 28, 1984) is an American comedian, writer, and actress based in New York City.

Phoebe Robinson in 2016

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  • The language in a casting call is like, "all-American" is white. "Beautiful but doesn't know it" is white. And then usually it'll be like "open to all ethnicities" is when you know that that is a role that they can envision someone not white doing it. But it's like, all the roles should be open to ethnicity. Do you know what I mean?...
  • …We carry ourselves different — maybe we tell our jokes in a different way or a different style — and we were beating ourselves up in allowing that patriarchal energy to affect our self-esteem. And then I was like, "Yeah, I'm good at this job."
  • This show will hit that sweet spot between educational and charmingly ignorant,” Robinson said in a statement. “Who doesn’t love that? Well, all older black people who struggled and marched for my rights. But besides that, everyone else does!

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