Philip K. Hitti

Lebanese-American academic and authority on the Middle East (1886-1978)

Philip Khuri Hitti (Arabic: فيليب خوري حتي), (Shimlan 22 June 1886 – Princeton 24 December 1978) was a Lebanese-American professor and scholar at Princeton and Harvard University, and authority on Arab and Middle Eastern history, Islam, and Semitic languages. He almost single-handedly created the discipline of Arabic studies in the United States.


  • The harmonization of Greek philosophy with Islam begun by al-Kindi, an Arab, was continued by aI-Farabi. a Turk, and completed in the East by ibn-Sina, a Persian.


  • I agree with him entirely; there is no such thing in history as Palestine, absolutely, but when Dr. Hitti speaks of history he means Arab history, he is a specialist in Arab history and he knows his business.
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