Phantom from Space

1953 film by W. Lee Wilder

Phantom from Space is a 1953 film about an alien being with the power of invisibility that lands in Santa Monica.

Directed by W. Lee Wilder. Written by William Raynor.
His secret power menaced the world!  (taglines)


  • Lt. Bowers: I don't care what ya say, but it doesn't make sense to me. Anybody trained in sabotage would stay undercover. This guy's walking around in a monkey suit - killing people!
  • Maj. Andrews: Lieutenant, are you sure there were no traces of this saboteur - this X-man - found after the explosion in the oil fields?


Pete: How would you feel if somebody with a crazy helmet with pipes sticking out of it came at you in the dark? And look, I know this sounds... sounds crazy, but there wasn't any head in that helmet.
Lt. Bowers: No head. No head at all?
Pete: It's the truth.
Lt. Bowers: I think you need some coffee.

Bill Randall: [knocks on lab door] Barbara? Barbara, are you in there?
Barbara Randall: Bill, listen to me. I'm not alone. Someone is in here with me. I can't see him. He locked the door and has the key.
Bill Randall: I'll break the door down!
Barbara Randall: No, Bill, don't! Please! You better get help!

Dr. Wyatt: My theory is that this space ship, or whatever it was that he came in, operated on the principal of magnetic, rather than atomic, propulsion and that somewhere in the Outer Limits met with a condition where the earth's gravity pulled it down and it fell into the ocean and that he managed to save his life and reach shore.
Lt. Bowers: What you've told us is very interesting, Doctor...


  • WHAT was he?
  • His secret power menaced the world!
  • He came from a billion miles of space to meet the strangest destiny ever told!


  • Ted Cooper — Lt. Hazen
  • Tom Daly — Charlie
  • Steve Acton — Mobile Center Dispatcher
  • Burt Wenland — Agent Joe
  • Lela Nelson — Betty Evans
  • Harry Landers — Lt. Bowers

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