Phantasm II

1988 film by Don Coscarelli

Phantasm II is a 1988 film about a teenager, now released from a psychiatric hospital, who continues his journey to stop the evil Tall Man from his grim work.

Directed and written by Don Coscarelli.
Terrifying - Relentless - Unstoppable  (taglines)

Reggie Edit

  • [narrating] Mike tells me that it might take us years to find The Tall Man, and if we do, we'll probably die. Well, maybe. But not without a fight.

Dialogue Edit

Mike: I want to stop him.
Reggie: The Tall Man? That story about me blowing up my own house because it was infested with midgets. Mike, that wasn't real. Your doctor said that it was your own paranoid delusions caused by your brother's death.

Mike: One minute... we're gonna wake up. This is only a dream.
Liz: That's right... it's only a dream!
The Tall Man: No! It's not!

Taglines Edit

  • Terrifying - Relentless - Unstoppable
  • For ten years the secret of Perigord Cemetery has remained a mystery. Now the ultimate evil is about to be revealed.
  • Now, the horrifying truth is about to be revealed...and all it took was a little digging.
  • After ten years... the ball is back!

About Edit

  • I know this might sound just lame, but one day it came to me. The kid got yanked into the mirror, but he had left Reggie downstairs. What was going on downstairs? Reggie hears this crash and he could run upstairs and take it from there. So it was that simple breakthrough that made me realize I could write a whole story now. Then also, there was an idea to go into a new direction. Rather than be contained in the one claustrophobic town, it would then become almost a road movie. A few years later Reggie would team up with the Mike who was older and they would go on an adventure to track down and kill the Tall Man once and for all. So, once I had that in mind, it was a pretty straight shot to make that sequel movie.

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