Petr Chelčický

15th century Bohemian Christian radical

Petr Chelčický (c. 1390 – c. 1460) was a Christian and political author in 15th century Bohemia (now the Czech Republic).

Our faith obliges us to bind wounds, not to make blood run.


The Net of Faith (c. 1443)Edit

Online translation by Enrico C. S. Molnár
  • He who obeys God needs no other authority.
  • Our faith obliges us to bind wounds, not to make blood run.
  • Wars and other kinds of murder have their beginning in the hatred of the enemy and in the unwillingness to be patient with evil. Their root is in intemperate self-love and in immoderate affection for temporal possessions. These conflicts are brought into this world because men do not trust the Son of God enough to abide by his commandments.
  • Facts witness to the reality that [Christians] have abandoned God, that they have entered the world and become one with the world. Whatever the world considers praiseworthy – vanity, comfort, wealth, fancy notions, blasphemies – the Christians, too, praise with one accord, quite blatantly without shame and without conscience. We can find with difficulty one man in a thousand who does not conform himself to the world.
    • Chapter 95
  • A world contrary to God must be kept within bounds by the world’s sword. But true Christians love God and their neighbors as themselves; they commit no evil by the grace of God. It is not necessary to compel them to goodness since they know better what is good than the law imposing authority.
    • Chapter 95

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