Peter and the Wolf (TV special)

1995 live-action/animated TV special directed by George Daugherty

Peter and the Wolf (1995), is an live-action/animated television special directed by George Daugherty and Jean Flynn, based on the 1936 musical composition/fairy tale of the same name by Sergei Prokofiev, with additional story by Daugherty and Janis Diamond.


Grandfather: Well, then, so far, it was worth the trip, huh? I was afraid your mother was never going to bring you to see me, Peter.
Annie: But you don't know what it's been like for Peter and I, since we've been on our own. It's hard to be both mother and father. Especially with all his activities. Soccer on Monday, Tea kwon do on Tuesday...
Grandfather: Tae kwon what?
Annie: Tae know do on Tuesday. Basketball on Wednesdays.
Peter: Mom, swimming is on Wednesday.
Annie: Oh yeah... swimming is on Wednesday, and basketball is on Thursday, and music lessons on Friday.
Peter: I'm learning playing the violin.
Annie: And then on Saturday and Sunday there's Little League.
Peter: If you miss too many games, you're off the team.
Annie: [snaps] like that!
Grandfather: Well, I'm exhausted just listening to you both. How do you get to all these places? Who takes you there?
Annie: Moi. I do.
Grandfather: Sent my daughter all the way to America, to a university, to become a taxi driver, huh?
Annie: Well, you know, it goes with the territory.


  • It's a story I always wanted to do. But I didn't do the animation for this one. I didn't direct it, either. Am I pleased? Well, I think it's very good. But I would have done it differently--every director has a different style.