Peter Lewin

American economist and educator

Peter Lewin (born 1948) is an American economist and Professor at the University of Texas at Dallas.


  • As long as research uses sample data to make inferences (which can hardly be avoided), the problem of interpretation cannot be avoided, regardless of the particular statistical method or even methodology we use. In everything we do, we are forced to make decisions based on assumptions formed in part from our experiences with the behavior of others, which in turn reflect only part of the whole picture. These assumptions reflect conscious or unconscious values (such as giving people the benefit of the doubt, presuming the innocence of an accused person, etc.). This reality does not entail that we cannot strive for scientific detachment once these fundamental pre conditions have been set and the research proceeds. Within the particular “research design,” we may still strive for and insist upon scientific detachment, even though our values have necessarily influenced the design itself.
    • "Facts, Values, and the Burden of Proof", The Independent Review, v. XI, n. 4, Spring 2007