Peter Ladefoged

British phonetician

Peter Ladefoged (17 September 192524 January 2006) was a British linguist and a phonetician.

== Quotes ==

  • The International Phonetic Association is like the Episcopal church. One can hold almost any theoretical position as long as one gets the symbols right.
    • His email signature.
  • It was really [David] Whitteridge who taught me to be a scientist.
  • I wanted to find out why Shelley could write better-sounding poetry than I.
  • [It's] not our decision to make. It's up to the people themselves.
  • My immediate answer was, 'I don't have a singing butler and three maids who sing, but I will tell you what I can as an assistant professor.'
    • Los Angeles Times (2004)[specific citation needed]; on his response to Cukor's request to assist Rex Harrison to behave like a phonetician.

Quotes about Ladefoged

  • He did extensive linguistic fieldwork on a scale it had not been done before, and when he brought it back from the field he found ways to use sophisticated laboratory equipment to analyze his recordings.
    • Patricia Keating, UCLA, on Ladefoged's contribution to his field.[citation needed]
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