Peter Kay

English actor, comedian, producer and writer

Peter Kay (2nd July 1973 - Present) British comedian.

Peter Kay (2012)

Quotes edit

Live At The Top Of The Tower [2000] edit

In the Future

[imitating parents of the future]
You don't know you're born. All your mum and me used to have in the evenings was sky digital. Playstation, yeah. We used to have to manage with a car each, a car each! Your mam, she used to have a dishwasher! You don't remember - look at her face, you don't remember them, do you? She used to have take over all the plates, load them in, by hand, on her own! turn it on!


It's like Blackpool, but on speed. Las Vegas.

Holidays Abroad

Booked it, packed it, fucked off.

[on foreign food]
"Oh, no. Oh, thank you, none of that foreign muck. What? Garlic bread? Garlic bread? Garlic? Bread? Am I hearin' you right? Garlic bread? No, thank you, I've got some milk roll in t'case that'll do me. The toasty loaf. The garlic bread!"

Summer Holidays In England

Why do mums buy crap pop? Why? Why d'they buy it? They go t'supermarket on friday night, do the friday big shop. They come back. They never bu- Rola Cola. Rola Cola. Never Coca Cola, or Pepsi, Rola Cola. Panda Cola, or Streamway Cola. 8litres for 40-p. Crap pop. Shit pop. Pop you don't want.
"Get it drunk"
"I'm not drinkin' it"
"Get it drunk"
"I'm not drinkin' it, mum, I wouldn't wash me drains out wi' this, it's crap"
"Get it drunk"
"I'm not drinkin' it, it's horrible. It's too big an' all, it won't even go in t'fridge. Not only is it crap, it's warm. Warm crap pop. We got 18litres of it 'ere, we don't want any more, stop bringin' it home will you?"
"Only cost 40-p"
"I know but it tastes rotten"
"There's children starvin' in Ethiopia"
"Send it to 'em. They'll send it back, they won't drink it, it's crap pop"
...once, right, I got so annoyed I started bangin' me 'ead against wall, batterin' me mind I said,
"Mum, drink it your F[ ]in' self"
...woke up, casualty. On a drip filled wi' Rola Cola, bar o' soap hangin' out me mouth.

Mum Wants A Bungalow Tour [2003] edit


[on Ferguson Video Star VCR]
If you were a lad, you couldn't watch a bit o' blue in t'middle of night, 'cause everybody could hear it fast-forwardin' about three streets away. So I've 'eard, anyway. You know?
"I'll be up in a minute, mum, I'm just gettin' a drink."
"Jesus! Shut up!"
"Shut up!"
"Shut up! Hiya, mum, y'alright? Mum, I'm stuck! It's got me! It's got me skin! It's got me skin!"


"Get your 'ands up, mother-stickers, this is a fuck-up!"

[on Crimewatch reconstructions]
You always have some manager, some right borin' manager narrating the reconstructions, he loves it.
"I usually arrive at work twenty to eight, ten to eight. Er. That particular morning, the morning of the robbery, they were doing, er, servicing works up by the roundabout, and the dual carriageway was gridlocked."
Get on with it, son, you're up against Bad Girls 'ere!, Cut to t'chase.
"I usually open up in the mornings when I arrive. Morning, Jean, that's wrong Jean's been locked in...morning, Jean"
"'Bout time an' all, been 'ere all night, thought you were never gon come. I daren't move in case alarm goes off"
"Where's Frank, he's late this morning?"
Proper wood-un. Frank comes on.
"As I was driving towards work, I noticed a small white transit van parked diagonally across both lanes. There were- drrbe! There were two men discussin' somethin'. I- dddrb! I don't know what it was, but they both 'ad sawn-off shotguns. Yeah. I couldn't, yeah. I couldn't quite see their faces clearly as they were wearing ski masks. I thought 'that's odd'. As it hadn't snowed in months."

I'm in Bolton, so I won't have to give me mum three rings to let her know I'm home safe. Do you do that? Give her three rings and after the second ring she picks it up. What's the point of that?
I was in Greggs t'other day and the woman said "Here y'are love, watch me juices". I said "Hey!Hey!Hey!Hey!Hey! I want a pie not your life story!"
If it's not one thing, it's your mother.
You ever dip your biscuit in your tea and it breaks. I swear now, you never get used to that.
Rich Teas should be called one dips. Hobnobs are like marines, hobnobs. They're like the bloody S.A.S. of the biscuit world, hobnobs. You dip a hobnob, it's like, 'Again! Again! Dip me again, I'm going nowhere me, son, dip me! Is that all you've got? Come on!

That Peter Kay Thing edit

The Icecream Man Cometh

"Where've you been?"
"I've been coming..."
"Yeah right, hang on a minute love"
"What's this, milk?"
"I came as quick as I could"
"Yeah, it looks like it an' all."
"What the, what the fuck are these?"
"Will you mind your language please?"
"They didn't have any Flakes."
"I wanted, I want Flakes, I can't make 99's with fuckin' Crunchies, can I?"
"Look, I told you to watch your language."
" 'Ere, 'ave some ice cream, 'ave some eh, you stupid bitch!"

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