Peter Carey

Australian novelist

Peter Carey (born 7 May, 1943), Australian novelist and writer. Winner of several literary awards (twice Booker Prize winner, three times Miles Franklin Award winner).


Illywhacker (1985)Edit

  • He was referring, of course, to the gentleman employed by Henry Luce and you will note, at once, the slightly unpleasant and combative tone of the salesman but there is also so much glee contained in it, an anticipation of the joys of a difficult battle, that even a person of fine scruples, sensitive to the vulgarity of the salesman type (such as yourself, Professor) need not be offended but rather challenged by the contradiction contained herein, i.e. that this crass aggression can co-exist with an ability to draw very fine moral distinctions and to see, very objectively, the damage his father's business was doing to the fauna of the country he loved and that, further - like real estate for instance - it was one of those great Australian enterprises that generate wealth while making nothing new.
    • Page 561.

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