Persona 5

2016 role-playing video game

The fifth entry in the Shin Megami Tensei: Persona franchise, Persona 5 follows a group of Japanese high-school students dubbed "The Phantom Thieves" as they strive to fight injustice using supernatural powers.


  • "You are a slave. Want emancipation?" - Persona 5 Teaser trailer
  • "None of these people know that I was an undesirable child.I wanted people to rely on me... I wanted to be needed... I devoted myself to my studies, acted as an honor student and made my name as an ace detective And thanks to the nav app and the persona bestowed upon me by the gods I manage to dispose of any who got in my way Though it took me some time to finally do so... ...all it remains is to tell him" -Goro Akechi
  • "Take your Heart" - Phantom Thieves motto
  • "Your rehabilitation will soon begin" - Igor to the protagonist

Ren Amamiya/Akira Kurusu/Joker (Protagonist)Edit

  • Show me your true form!
  • Yes. Before that happens, we will take this country!
  • Ngh

Ryuji "Skull" SakamotoEdit

  • Eat this!
  • Gonna knock you out!
  • For real?!
  • Stop lookin' down on me with that stupid smile on your face!
  • This effin' rocks!
  • What's this? Your cryin' face is not cute.


  • Come forth, my other self!
  • Witness my resolve!
  • I'll finish you!
  • It's almost scary how good I am!
  • Man... you guys are the best, stupidest group I could ask for
  • How can you say people are free when they’re chained up in prisons in this broken world!?
  • We are the Phantom Thieves and we’re here to take your bride!

Ann "Panther" TakamakiEdit

  • You're right. No more holding back!
  • Dance, Carmen!
  • A beautiful rose has its thorns!
  • I'm going to make Kamoshida atone for what he did. Not just for Shiho's sake... but for everything he's done. I won't let any more people suffer because of him. I'll do whatever it takes!
  • I realized that personal relationships are something to be treasured. That's why I'm not going to run away anymore. I'll face myself head on. This time, it's my turn to help someone.
  • I guess you really just need someone to laugh at you if you want to feel better. I mean, they always say laughter's the best medicine, right?

Yusuke "Fox" KitagawaEdit

  • This is my other self!
  • Goemon, strike!
  • In the earlier days of my career, I would exclusively paint what I desired, when I desired it. The only goal I had in mind was the pursuit of pure beauty... That goal is what drove me onward.
  • I will start by painting. After that, I will paint, beyond which I shall paint even more. That is the only way I will learn to capture the essence of emotion. After all, you can only accomplish so much in using logic to analyze the contents of the heart.

Makoto "Queen" NiijimaEdit

  • Don't get all cocky because I normally behave myself. I am done playing nice!
  • Why is everyone on my case?
  • Shut your damn mouth, you money-grubbing asshole!
  • I've finally found a place where I belong.

Futaba "Oracle" SakuraEdit

  • Power up!
  • Risking our lives to stop rotten adults... that's why we're Phantom Thieves!
  • Sojiro, I hunger!
  • My Futaba Cannon is ready!

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