Persian literature

Oral compositions and written texts in the Persian language

Persian literature (Persian: ادبیات فارسی, romanized: Adabiyâte fârsi) comprises oral compositions and written texts in the Persian language and is one of the world's oldest literatures.


  • When we turn our attention to a peaceful, civilized people, the Persians, we must—since it was actually their poetry that inspired this work—go back to the earliest period to be able to understand more recent times. It will always seem strange to the historians that no matter how many times a country has been conquered, subjugated and even destroyed by enemies, there is always a certain national core preserved in its character, and before you know it, there re-emerges a long-familiar native phenomenon. In this sense, it would be pleasant to learn about the most ancient Persians and quickly follow them up to the present day at an all the more free and steady pace.
    • Goethe; source: Josef Wiesehofer, "Ancient Persia". I. B. Tauris; New Ed edition (August 18, 2001). Introduction page

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