Perfect Hair Forever

American animated television series

Perfect Hair Forever is an American adult animated television series on Cartoon Network's late night programming block Adult Swim. The series revolves around a young boy named Gerald Bald Z and his quest to find perfect hair.



Coiffio: What the EFF are you doing?
Cat Man: Whaddya mean? I'm grooming.
Coiffio: Where is Gerald?!
Cat Man: Oh, he's getting chased by a bear.
Coiffio: Oh, the bear I had to send because you were so busy with your EFFing gwooming!
Cat Man: Sorry, man, you're breaking up...
Coiffio: The bear I had to send because you were so busy with your EFFing gwooming!
Cat Man: Are you calling Cat Man undependable?
Coiffio: Yes, pussy cat man!
Cat Man: Yeah, you know what? Suck it.
Coiffio: Yes!

Model Robot: I think we're dealing with a very, very, very smart person... or a very, very, very stupid person.
Coiffio: And so we are very, very, very much in danger... or very, very, very much... safe!

TiVo Your eBayEdit

Uncle Grandfather: Who is it?
Young Man: I have come with a communication from the Ministry of Planning, concerning the french premiere who's been found dead of corruption.
Uncle Grandfather: I'm busy.
Young Man: We must act before it's too late. The Shaku is being attracted to the debris and for now their numbers probably aren't going to decrease.
Uncle Grandfather: Ok, whatever. Fine. Good luck with that. Giddyup Brenda! Ye ha!
Young Man: You don't understand! People are getting dead.
Uncle Grandfather: You mean people are getting nude?
Young Man: Dead.
Uncle Grandfather: Or... nude?
Young Man: Dead.
Uncle Grandfather: Come in, Nude.
Young Man: You're not a Nude.
Uncle Grandfather: Uncle Grandfather away! Ah, feh.
Young Man: You don't understand. The protecting stone makes this Yugioh disappear...
Uncle Grandfather: Oh, yeah.
Young Man: ...Which means the Miyagi Crystals will help very much in searching for the Yugioh barrier
Uncle Grandfather: Sure.
Young Man: That means the others won't be able to look for us since things move more easily the closer they are to human form.
Uncle Grandfather: Right, right, right.
Young Man: The Shaku is being attracted to the debris and for now...
Uncle Grandfather: Enough, fight now for three minutes.
Young Man: What?
Uncle Grandfather: Ok, one, two, three, go! What are you waiting for?

Happy Suck DayEdit

[After the baby driving the car falls into the hole with the Young Man and animals]
Young Man: First, I get trapped in a hole with smelly animals who bicker. Then, my hand gets severed. Now I have to care for a drunk baby.
Sherman: We could eat that.

Woke Up DrunkEdit

Gerald: Mom, where's my bike?
Mom: Uh...oh, you know what? Japanese Bear Dad sold it to himself to use in his Tokyo circus act.
[Japanese Bear Dad walks by, knocking Gerald down]
Gerald: Hey [stands up] Let's find that circus and buy back my bike.
Mom: Oh, can we do it tomorrow?
Gerald: Tomorrow? Japan isn't open on Sundays.
Mom: Not your tomorrow. My tomorrow's Wednesday.

Gerald: Was Dad a Japanese Bear Dad this morning?
Gerald's Mom: I don't know. I was too drunk. I woke up drunk. Weren't you?
Gerald: I'm too young to drink.


  • Gerald Bald Z (Kim Manning)
  • Uncle Grandfather and the Anime God (Matt Maiellaro)
  • Action Hotdog (Will Armstrong)
  • Norman Douglas (Nick Ingkatanuwat)
  • Terry/Twisty (Dave Hughes)
  • Coiffio (Dave Willis)
  • Catman (Dennis Maloney)
  • Young Man (C. Martin Croker)
  • Sherman (MF Doom)
  • Space Ghost (George Lowe)

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