Penny Lernoux

Penny Lernoux (January 6, 1940 – October 9, 1989) was an American journalist for National Catholic Reporter and The Nation.


  • Although the mass of the people accepted the white man's God, either under physical duress or because he seemed more powerful than their own Gods, they never assimilated the ideas of Christianity.
    • Cry of The People (1977)
  • And many of the people who buy or found banks have had no experience in banking at all. If they can learn it, so can we.
    • In Banks We Trust (1984)
  • In contrast, traditional Catholic churches serve vast numbers of people who have little or nothing in common, and they are often impersonal supermarkets for the sacraments.
    • The Fundamentalist Surge in Latin America; The Christian Century, January 20, 1988; p.51.
  • At stake are two different visions of faith, the Church of Caesar, powerful and rich; and the Church of Christ - loving, poor and spiritually rich.
    • People of God (1989)
  • Opus Dei is an efficient machine run to achieve world power.
    • People of God (1989)
  • And the Third World will continue to beckon to the First, reminding it of the Galilean vision of Christian solidarity.
    • People of God (1989)


  • You can look at a slum or peasant village...but it is only by entering into the world—by living in it—that you begin to understand what it is like to be powerless, to be like Christ.
  • What good is life unless you give it away – unless you give it for a better world, even if you never see that world but have only carried your grain to the building site.

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