Paul Simonon

English musician (Bass guitarist, vocalist, songwriter) and visual artist

Paul Gustave Simonon (born 15 December 1955) is best known as the bass guitarist and vocalist for punk rock band The Clash.

Y'know — why can't we all be lunatics?


  • What made a big difference was the open door policy we had. Anyone who wanted to come backstage could, and it was never a problem. I don't know whether other bands did that. It was good for us to meet people who had come to see the group and converse with them, ask them 'What's it like in your town? What, there are no clubs here? So what do you do?' It was about sharing information and it was good to know what was going on out there, and how people were dealing with their lives. And that spread right across the world.
  • I've got one thing to say about being the bass player … I didn't want the role of being Entwhistle or Bill Wyman, stuck in the background. That's too depressing and if that was what I'd been offered with The Clash I would've turned it down. Maybe that's the nature of the job, or has been in the past; the bass player as the one that held the fort, so to speak, along with the drummer, letting every body else go lunatic.
    But, y'know — why can't we all be lunatics?

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