Paul Hamilton Hayne

American editor and poet

Paul Hamilton Hayne (January 1, 1830July 6, 1886) was a nineteenth century Southern poet, critic, and editor of minor but historical distinction.

Paul Hamilton Hayne



Poems (1882)

Poems of Paul Hamilton Hayne: Complete Edition (Boston: D. Lothrop and Company, 1882)
  • Happy the heart that keeps its twilight hour,
    And, in the depths of heavenly peace reclined.
    Loves to commune with thoughts of tender power;
    Thoughts that ascend, like angels beautiful,
    A shining Jacob's ladder of the mind.
    • Sonnet ("Between the Sunken Sun and the New Moon"), p. 27.
  • This is my world! within these narrow walls,
    I own a princely service.
    • "My Study", p. 30.
  • Low gurgling laughter, as sweet
    As the swallow's song i' the South,
    And a ripple of dimples that, dancing, meet
    By the curves of a perfect mouth
    • "Ariel", p. 200.
  • I think, ofttimes, that lives of men may be
    Likened to wandering winds that come and go,
    Not knowing whence they rise, whither they blow
    O’er the vast globe, voiceful of grief or glee.
    • "A Comparison", p. 259.
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