Patrick Suppes

philosopher from United States of America

Patrick Colonel Suppes (born March 17, 1922, Tulsa, OK) is an American philosopher who has made significant contributions to philosophy of science, theory of measurement, foundations of quantum mechanics, decision theory, psychology, and educational technology. He is now the Lucie Stern Professor of Philosophy, Emeritus, at Stanford.

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  • Modern experimentation is often like driving an automobile. The details and theory of the instruments being used in the experiment are not known to the experimenter except in a very general way. (...) Experimenters are taught in an explicit way, often, how to write up reports of their experiments. But the tradition here is like sports reporting. Only the results of the experiment are reported in any serious detail. The procedures are not.
    • Pragmatism in Physics, in P. Weingartner, G. Schurz & G. Dorn (Eds.), The Role of Pragmatics in Contemporary Philosophy. Vienna: Holder-Pichler-Tempsky (1998), p. 245, ISSN=1026-9347.

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