Patrick Lussier

Canadian-American film director, screenwriter and film editor

Patrick Lussier (1964–) is a Canadian-American filmmaker and editor.


  • I think one of the things we may have missed in horror the last few years is how much fun those movies are to watch. They’re a good time. Horror has either been J Horror, moving upside down, girl with long hair, twisted head kind of thing, towards more let’s torture somebody and do something horrible over a long period of time and you can watch the trainwreck in real time. There are places for both kinds of movies, and there are great examples of both kinds but they’re not necessarily the most good time you can have at a theater.
  • I remember that, as a kid. I never really understood how movies were made, until that movie, because it was such a technical accomplishment. Since then, you’ve seen more and more and more, for all different kids of films, about what goes into the process. If people enjoy the film, it can be really intriguing to see what created that film, how each one of those unique components came together, who the people are who did it and what it meant to them to do it. That’s a great thing to put out there, especially if it is a film that has different technological aspects that are unique. There’s not a lot of that that’s been done before, so I think it’s good for people to see.

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