Patience Jonathan

Patience Jonathan (born 25 October 1957) is the former First Lady of Nigeria and the wife of former Governor of Bayelsa State and also former President of Nigeria, Goodluck Ebele Jonathan. She served as a Permanent Secretary in her native Bayelsa State.

Patience Jonathan


  • I want you all to know that education is very important for the growth and development of our nation... When you are educated, you contribute to building a more peaceful and prosperous country.
    • Patience speaking at her alma mater "" 2021 August 09.
  • Before you carry the children to that school, you did not write to the commissioner, army man is not even aware that the children are to sleep there without security.
    • As quoted in [1].
  • When the first lady is calling you, come I want to help you find your missing children, will you keep quiet? Chai! There is God oh!
    • First Lady speaking on Chibok girls' kidnap on Channels TV [2] 4th May, 2014.
  • You must work hard and be disciplined to justify the investments made by your parents and guardians.
    • Comments made at Ignatius Ajuri University of Education, Port Harcourt [3].
  • So, my beloved children, I urge you all to shun social vices that will bring shame to your families and guardians.
    • [4] speaking at an event in Port Harcourt.
  • As mothers, we dedicate our time to building the family and bringing up our children to understand moral values and ethics.
    • Patience commending the leaders of her school's association for their contributions to the growth and development of the university. [5].
  • All these blood you people are shedding, there is God o, there is God o, God…o….Chai, there is God o
    • Patience broke down (cried) while speaking to a group of women [6] in 2014.
  • What of the WAEC teachers that can tell us that they conducted that exam, principal did you come with any? No, only you waka come, okay.
    • Reactions to kidnap of secondary school girls [7]
  • As critical stakeholders in the peace-building process, we must therefore discharge this role with grace, so that together, we can break new grounds and enthrone the world of our dreams.
    • [8] Patience Jonathan urging Nigerian women to pray for peace
  • Women are natural peace-builders who play key roles in maintaining peace in our society.
    • [9] Patience Jonathan urging Nigerian women to pray for peace
  • Why can’t we encourage the young ones to grow? Why can’t we encourage them to do better? We, our mother born us and train us, why they train us is that we should be better than them. Are we to bring the young ones down? It’s not our portion.
    • [10]Patience Jonathan speaking to Akwa Ibom women on corruption
  • A bird at hand is worth a million in the bush. Nigerian women, let us shine our eyes. Women of Nigeria, are you ready to go to prison? Are you ready to go and give your father food in the prison? It is not our portion. We reject it.
    • [11] Patience Jonathan speaking to Akwa Ibom women on corruption

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