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Pathologic is a psychological horror adventure survival role-playing video games created by Russian game studio Ice-Pick Lodge. An updated version of the original game titled Pathologic Classic HD, featuring a new English translation, updated graphics, and enhanced compatibility, was developed by General Arcade for Microsoft Windows, and was released on 29 October 2015, being published by Gambitious Digital Entertainment and Devolver Digital.



Bachelor: So, it's all about trickery to you? Wherever have you come from?
Changeling: No, no... I detest trickery. But if we ourselves are to suffer deception, our hands are no longer tied. Where ARE we?
Haruspex: Well, a muscular contraction is there. Means we're already inside of him. THIS must be one of the ventricles, right here.
Changeling: What a silly place... it's stuffed! So it's not real for now? I don't think it has started, yet.
Bachelor: Does it matter what it's made of? It's definitely struggling. We need to perform sectio transversalis*. Cut the wall. There's no other way out. What else is there to do?
Changeling: I KNOW what to do. Those who favor hard logic and direct action are bound to be misguided. Only a miracle can set us free without us having to destroy something. And I can DO miracles. Just let me.
Bachelor: Will you please be quiet? You're a liar and a thief. Who is going to believe you when you keep lying to yourself? The truth is my shepherd. Whatever happens, I WILL find answers, and justice will be restored. I will perform the operation. Medicum morbo adhibere
Haruspex: Don't you go all bossy on me clever clogs... You will act justly, but your justice will blind you and become his demise. This calls for the gentle hand of a surgeon. Step aside, both of you.
Changeling: Your gentle hands are used to killing, not giving life. You will inevitably do harm. As for brainy, he has no regard for casualties at all. Neither of you knows compassion.
Bachelor: Yes, it seems unlikely that we'll get along well, but there's only one truth.
Haruspex: Any choice is right as long as it's willed. That's the truth of the matter.
Changeling: Only the heart will show you the right choice. Stop thinking about yourselves, think of the sick. He's in pain. I can't see it yet, but I can feel it.
Bachelor: It's not even a trap... it's a grave. Sub ipsum fumus sumus. Can't say I hold a soft spot for it.
Haruspex: I can see that. You're full of hate. Stuffed or not, it's breathing. I can heal it. It can be healed, rather than killed.
Changeling: You mean you won't become a killer? But you will! Mark my word, that's exactly what will happen. But I can avoid it.
Bachelor: No... we won't ever get along. I suggest we be on our way. The sooner the better.
Changeling: Off we go then?
Haruspex: Let's go. The clock is ticking...

The BachelorEdit

The history of humanity witnessed a number of catastrophes that have demonstrated without a shadow of a doubt the pettiness of human achievement and the triumph of the invincible Evil. Outbreaks of infectious diseases that have from time to time wiped towns and cities off the map are undoubtedly among those. However smart and virtuous, the people caught up in these destructive events have repeatedly come to the conclusion that it's no use trying to fight these circumstances; the best you can do is bite the bullet and cope with your losses.
This is the story of a person who has managed to work a miracle and defeat a seemingly unvanquishable foe.

The Invisible EnemyEdit

The Narrator: Daniil Dankovsky, a Bachelor of Medicine, was brought here by circumstances most unfortunate. Dankovsky's lifework, his theory challenging the existing notions of human mortality, is being harshly persecuted by the Powers that Be. Suddenly, a letter arrives from a colleague, suggesting that there is previously undiscovered evidence which may support Dankovsky's claims.
There is a settlement, the letter says, rule by an extraordinary man who may well be seen as objective proof of Dankovsky's daring hypothesis. Grasping at straws of hope, Dankovsky decides to follow what he believes to be a sign of divine providence. Without further ado, he sets off for the settlement.
Late at night, the Bachelor arrives in the Town. As he seeks room and board, he gets to know a girl called Eva Yan and stays at her place till dawn.

The HaruspexEdit

How do they call upon the menkhu, the faithful of a Warden kin? Known by their hands, for they are butchers; known by their eyes, for they are surgeons; they who follow the lines; they who are the leaders of the Kin; they who speak to udurghs; they who know the secret art of haruspicy. What is a haruspex? Reading the future in the entrails, he knows that a body bears semblance to the Universe. His scalpel follows the lines of the body; his steps follow the lines of his kin's fortune. A haruspex that can tell a true line from a false one is entrusted with power. A haruspex who is confused by his path gets buried into the deep black flesh of the Earth.
This is the story of a person who has avoided the contradiction eager to rip a doomed life apart, masterfully fulfilling his true purpose in the process.


The Narrator: Artemy Burakh is coming back to his home town after an absence of ten years. Born to a family endowed with a caste right to cut living beings open, he was preparing himself for this line of work since childhood. Artemy's father, Isidor Burakh, a wise man and philosopher well-respected by the locals, had admitted to the limits of traditional knowledge and sent his son off to study modern medicine in the academy.
Artemy has been travelling from town to town learning theoretical and practical surgery for several years now. Suddenly a mysterious letter appears with his father giving him notice of his impending demise and begging Artemy to return and accept succession. Unwilling to wait for a regular freight train, Artemy follows the rails through the Steppe until he's caught up with by a small shunt locomotive. This is how young Haruspex arrives in the Town.

The ChangelingEdit

Clara had a dream. A foggy morning: having passed a wicket gate, she is now dawdling somewhere, piles of dry leaves rustling in her wake. A familiar voice calls out to her. She lifts her eyes and sees her own twin sister point at an old man convulsing and weeping in unbearable agony. Clara darts for the man to save him with her healing touch—but so does her sister! The girls exchange confused glances.
This is the story of a thief girl who has chosen her own past, ceased to be the instrument of blind fate, and refashioned herself into a free miracle-worker.

The Path of LogicEdit

The Narrator: Clara wakes up. Could the dream have been prophetic? She has prophetic dreams often, she's no longer surprised by them—she knows they are sent by the powers that want to warn the herald of what the future holds for her. There were a lot of clues hinting at the veracity of the message.
She does indeed know how to treat those in pain with her miraculous hands. She is indeed willing to ease their suffering. She truly strives to do the right thing! She loves her fellow beings. The girl is eager to do good deeds even if that requires her to go through pain and hardships...
Changeling wakes up at the edge of a pit in the ground. Sleep hasn't brought her comfort. Her back and her legs ache as though she has walked many miles. Her hands are covered in mud, there are traces of dried blood on her bare knees. It's dark. The dawn is a few hours away.


Lara RavelEdit

Clemency is born not out of virtue, but rather of fear.
It is not so dangerous to do wrong to most men as to do them too much good.

Peter StamatinEdit

We fear everything, old boy, as mortals do, and desire everything as if we were immortal.

Andrey StamatinEdit

All which is counterfeit displeases us with the very things which charm us in the original. Yeah...
Fortune appears so blind to none as to those to whom she has done no good. That was an aphorism.

The InquisitorEdit

There is an eternal order that Fate itself has predetermined. It is due to this order that things happen the way they should, following a preordained path.

Alexander SaburovEdit

'Neither the sun nor death can be looked at without winking'. Who said that?

Mark ImmortellEdit

We find very few ungrateful people when we are able to confer favors.
Even the wisest of men may be so indifferent in ordinary matters, but they are seldom so in their most serious affairs.
A man rather say evil of himself, than nothing at all.

Vlad the YoungerEdit

We promise according to our hopes. We perform according to our fears.

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