Pat Quirk

American skateboarder

Pat Quirk or Q-Man (born Patrick Quirke) was an American skateboarder.


  • "The more we discuss this stuff we can understand it better and combat this evil that is happening to our country. Don't sell out to the negatroids, the demonic fucking devil worshippers, whatever the fuck they are. They're not going to get our soul, dude...This is a battle dude and I'm telling you, I love you buddy...we are going to lead 10,000 skateboarders through the streets and you get in our way and we'll be goose-stepping. " - Fruit Of The Vine video, 2000
  • "If the Q-Man is president, I say we have a skate bowl at every school. We need to give kids an alternative sport. Dude, you know what I mean? I tried to play that baseball do the football, they were all like Quirk you're not good enough, oh you play the 5th quarter. But you know, I found skateboarding, I'm like dude this is like I don't need a judge or the boss or the coach..." . - Fruit Of The Vine video, 2000
  • "I've met my best friends through skateboarding and riding empty swimming pools" - Fruit Of The Vine video, 2000
  • "This shit is for-real. If you want to break your fucking ass and twist your ankles and fucking have some chicks just break your hearts dude, you join Skate Army." - Fruit Of The Vine video, 2000
  • "Burnside's been in a lot of weird, and I think it attracts weird people. It's like a shrine to them or something...I like talking about Burnside, it is better than talking about yourself." - Girl & Anti-Hero Skate Tour 7 of 10 - Epicly Later'd, 2012
  • “Skateboarding is not about following the crowd, it’s blazing your own trail.” — Pool Dust #28
  • “I ride the trains. They get me where I want to go for free. Re-evaluate your life. If you’re part of the problem, change. Don’t sell out. It’s important.” — Pool Dust #14
  • “You shouldn’t be a pro skater if you can’t grind a pool. Pay your dues, punks. One grind in a pool is better than a million tricks on a mini. Mini’s are a weak attempt to further the skate systems’ profits. Minis are weak. There shouldn’t even be miniramp riders.” — Pool Dust #15
  • “Don’t conform, step out of the norm.” — Pool Dust #20
  • “Keep movin’ on to explore new territory as we move through this fast track we call life. Pedal to the metal, truck to the coping. Foot to the asphalt. Metal to the rail. Rubber to the road. You know somewhere, somehow, right as I speak, a chosen few will be skateboarding at this instant. Remember, many were called, few were chosen…” —Pool Dust #20
  • “It’s time to get our shit together, ‘cause the time is getting short. Better on the lam, than take part in the scam.” — Pool Dust #21
  • “I didn’t sell out to the sham system, and I’m telling you that you don’t have to either. Pursue your dreams. Search out your visions. It is worth it. Our mission here is not to pad the fat cat’s wallets, it’s to cram your mind with as much information as it will hold. Being a success is not how big your car or wallet is, it’s how much knowledge you have. I’m not into the scene because it’s controlled. I’m into my own trip, right or wrong. It’s what I have to do. To all of you dicks who quit, a big fuck you. You were on the right track then gave it up, that shows what you are all about. Thanks for skating.” — Pool Dust #24
  • “A skateboard life is a marathon not a sprint. Don’t come to Burnside thinking that you own the place when you never lifted a shovel, never picked up trash, never cleaned a poop out of the bowl. Just ‘cause you skate “good” doesn’t mean you’re a good skater. This is not Hollywood. You’re not a star, just a skater like everyone else. True skaters don’t skate for the mag. True skaters don’t skate for a pat on the back. True skaters skate for themselves. Fuck the system, we don’t skate for them. We skate for us. Don’t stop looking for new skate spots.” - Pool Dust #31
  • “Skateboarding is not a sport. It is an activity. Some pursue it like a sport. Still others pursue skating like art. Bold new brush strokes on concrete canvas. Who is right? Who is wrong? No one. Skateboarding offers unlimited fun potential. Skateboarding does not need the Olympics. But remember your idea of fun could be someone else’s nightmare day—skateboarding cannot be controlled by the masses. It’s too broad and fluid to be pasteurized and homogenized. Although skating can be refined, it can never be totally controlled.“ — Pool Dust #31