Pasquier Quesnel

French theologian

Pasquier Quesnel (14 July 1634 – 2 December 1719) was a French Jansenist theologian.

People want to be Christians too cheaply, and consequently they are not Christians at all.

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  • [While] there are worldly singularities, there are Christian and salutary ones, too; and this singularity by which one is differentiated from the crowd who tread the broad path is what constitutes the straight and narrow path of the Gospels. ... Holy things will never be established or reestablished so long as we have this fear of appearing singular.
  • There are only two loves, whence originate all our wishes and all our actions: the love of God which does all for God and which God rewards and the love of ourselves and of the world, which does not refer to God what should be referred to him and which for that very reason becomes evil.

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