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Paranoia Agent

Japanese anime television series

Paranoia Agent (妄想代理人 Mousou Dairinin) is a 2004 13-episode anime TV series by Japanese director Satoshi Kon.


Enter Lil' SluggerEdit

Prophetic Vision
To begin, a rabbit jumps behind the moon. What is it that the black rabbit sees on the horizon with his big red eyes? A fish on the land has trouble when he is stepped on by cows. The playful palace where the butterfly dances vanishes away. At twilight, the cows starts it by chance and the goodness continues. The golden fox grins at you. And Then…

The Holy WarriorEdit

Keiichi Ikari: (Singing in a sarcastic voice, to the tune of "Pop Goes the Weasel") "All around the mullberry bush, my partner chases a loony, I don't know what I'm doing here... Maniwa, what the heck are we doing here?"

Keiichi Ikari: "Maniwa? Maniwa? MA-NI-WA!!!"

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