Pandorum is a 2009 Sci fi Horror film set on a space ship. It has often been said to have been inspired by Event Horizon

Don't fear the end of the world. Fear what happens next.


  • After what I just saw, procedure just went out the fucking window.
  • I understand that it's felt like every man for himself. If we're going to get out of this... a little fucking solidarity goes a long way. We all want to survive, right?
  • There will always be law and you will pay for what you've done. Even if that means I have to pull the sick out of you.


  • I'm gonna fucking carve you up!
  • I was younger than you when I first came onboard. Funny, I can't even remember what life was like before this flight began. It's all I have.
  • I guess this thing does land itself. Doesn't float too well though, does it?


  • This... truly is Noah's Ark. This archive holds the world we are going to live in.


  • You think I survived this long trusting strangers?
  • Oh, how the whole world cheered to the thunder of earth's mightiest creation-- Elysium. One small spark to ignite the heavens for the heroes to venture farther and farther than any of mankind's machines! And we slept. We slept a slumber so deep that no one had dared three little Indians were left to mind the store.
  • Three little Indians with the burden to bear. No more law. Nothing left to care. Just three little souls whose destiny had become undone because there was chop chop chop chop... then there was only one. One little Indian left.
  • One little Indian left, alone with all his doom. He refuses to go to bed, so what does he do? He decides to stay up and play in his room. What nasty little games he would play with his slumbering prey. He was slayer, he was master. He was both God and the Devil! See, that's what some would say. He would grow to manhood, a self-proclaimed king. Master of his own vessel. Home to his own sin. He just cast out all who had behaved. Just exiled to the cargo hold to fend amongst themselves...and scavenge, feeding off their own. Evil grew. The king no longer wanted to play. So he returned to his bed of slumber. And while the king slept, a whole new world of evil we wept.
  • It's not personal, guys. It's just survival of the fittest. Or maybe it's the brightest.
  • Don't sweat it and save me the speeches. I wouldn't have survived this long if I had a heart.
  • Question is, what would be more stupid? Trusting the ship will hold to see another day when it's kept me alive for all these years? Or trusting somebody who's desperate enough to say anything just when I'm about to carve a steak out of his girlfriend?


Payton: Maybe this is a bad time to tell you, but the door is open.
Bower: Are you fucking kidding me?
Payton: [beat] Yeah, I'm kidding you.
Payton: Is that your blood, Corporal?
Gallo: Some of it is, sir.
Payton: God? You think God survived? He's dead along with the rest of humanity. There's no law or order, no good or evil. Just us. And you think you're going to be the one to judge me? You want to take a shot at me?
Bower: You know what? I just might.
Payton: You are suffering, son. I can see it in your face. I've been there. Just imagine just for a minute, imagine yourself without the chains of your morality. You'd even surprise yourself. It's the ultimate freedom.
Bower: No. This isn't freedom. This is pandorum.
Payton: Oh, pandorum. Pandorum isn't what they warned us about. I know it's frightening at first, terrifying in fact. Isn't that what you're feeling right now, terrible fear? Let go and on the other side of it is divine clarity. Purity. Enlightenment.
Bower: Shut up! What's out there?
Payton: You are resisting what is. You have to let go of your petty concept of reality. That's just baggage from the old world. And we both know that didn't work out very well now, did it? They fucked up our planet. Life eats life. And all that's left is what is. This ship is a seed from which we can create a new world.
Shut up! What's out there?!
Payton: A new world. A natural state. Raw, beautiful...
Nadia: What do you see?
Payton: ...perfect. I am offering you the kingdom. And all that's holding you back is your own fear.


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