Pandora Hearts

2009 manga and anime series

Pandora Hearts is a Japanese anime and manga series. The story follows a group of "contractors" known as Pandora and the demonic "chains" they use to fight during various tasks (investigating a supposedly cursed town, hunting illegal contractors, gatherimg info...). The manga is by Jun Mochizuki.

Season 1Edit

Innocent Calm [1.1]Edit

Oz: (thinking) Someone said that this place is engulfed with darkness. But, that doesn't mean there was never any light.

Tempest of Conviction [1.2]Edit

Prisoner & Alichino [1.3]Edit

Rendezvous [1.4]Edit

Clockwise Doom [1.5]Edit

Where am I? [1.6]Edit

Whisperer [1.7]Edit


Malediction [1.9]Edit

Grim [1.10]Edit

A Lost Raven [1.11]Edit

Welcome to Labyrinth [1.12]Edit

Keeper of the Secret [1.13]Edit

Hollow Eye Socket [1.14]=Edit

Who Killed Poor Alice?[1.15]Edit

His Name is...[1.16]Edit

Hello My Sister! [1.17]Edit

Eliot & Leo [1.18]Edit

The Pool of Tears [1.19]Edit

Modulation [1.20]Edit

Snow White Chaos [1.21]Edit

Countervalue of Loss [1.22]Edit

A Warp in the World [1.23]Edit

Kyrie [1.24]Edit

Beyond the Winding Road [1.25]Edit

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