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Indian yogi and writer
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Gopi Krishna (30 May 1903 – 31 July 1984) was a yogi; mystic; teacher; social reformer; and writer. He was born in northern India. He was one of the first to popularise the concept of Kundalini among Western readers.

Gopi Krishna

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  • O people of the world unite, and pave the way to peace sublime, Divided you yourself invite disastrous wars, unrest and crime.
    • From the Unseen, (1952)
  • The legend runs that only a small number of families of Kashmiri Hindus survived the massacre and all the present population of Kashmiri Pandits is descended from them. It was said that cartloads of sacred threads, which the Hindus wear, were collected and thrown into the Dal Lake from the decapitated bodies of the killed and tortured. Crowds of women committed suicide to escape the clutches of the ravishers. Women, it is said, carried lethal poisons in their pockets to be swallowed when no other way was left to save their honor.
    • "Living with Kundalini" by Pandit Gopi Krishna

Kundalini - The Secret of Yoga (1972) edit

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  • Properly speaking, Yoga is an adjunct to religion and has always been treated as such in India, the country of its birth. The word Yoga is derived from the Sanskrit root yuj which means to yoke or join. As such, Yoga signifies the union of the individual soul with universal Consciousness or, in the language of the Upanishads, with the uncreated, all-pervading Brahman.
  • The word yoga is met for the first time in Vedas in the Katha Upanishad and some description of it is contained in Svetasvatra, the last of the early Upanishads. It is more frequently met with in Puranas, the epics and other later literature, and is sometimes synonymously used for tapa and dhyana (i.e., religious austerity and meditation). Basically Yoga is nothing more or less than systematized concentration. Fixity of attention, whether on a God or a Goddess, on a symbol or a diagram, on the void or any material object, or whether on a mantra or any particular region of the body, is the main exercise of every ancient form of Yoga.

The Last Interview with Gopi Krishna,Tom Zatar Kaye edit

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  • We are not using the totality of the human brain. According to various estimates, most of us use only ten percent of the brain and according to some only eight percent. That means 90 percent of the brain is un-utilized, that there is still a large margin in the brain which could be used for other purposes, and nature has provided it for certain purposes which are not yet known to science.
  • This is my experience, that the human brain is still organically evolving in the direction of the great mystics, in the same direction as the great geniuses. For this evolution a certain type of life is necessary.
  • Children should be brought up with the ideal cultivated in them that the universe is ruled by an intelligent power, that they must cultivate purity, honesty, truth, compassion and live ideal lives. In that way they will conform to the evolutionary needs. That is the best thing we can do for the children.

The Way to Self Knowledge, (1984) edit

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  • This book is from the Super-Mind A fast dictated gift sublime, The Message it contains will find Full confirmation in due time.
  • This well-observed phenomenon, So new to modern intellect, Has been exhibited, off and on, In varied tongue and dialect,
  • Right from the old Egyptian times, By many a richly gifted mind, Of which the evidence in some climes, One can in holy scriptures find.
  • There is no way to find this out, No way to wake up from the dream, No method to remove the doubt, Save knowledge of the State Supreme.
  • Religion is, in truth, a route To be pursued unto the last, Not for discussion or dispute Nor ostentatious rite or fast (Verses 291 - 294)
  • But to act on the rules enjoined, For Man to be a Super-man. These rules no mortal brain has coined, But form a part of Heaven's Plan.
  • And every year a golden crop, Of these Immortals will arise To help safely to the top, The savants who train for the prize. (Verses 381 - 386)
  • What I aver is not a dream Nor wishful thought nor fantasy Though it may now fantastic seem
  • It soon will be a reality, To make it ready for the shift From the old order to the New, In which the strong the weak will lift, And the rich to the poorer give.
  • This promised dream-world, as designed For man, by Heaven that has imbued With these ideals the human mind, Will ne’er be given up but pursued.
  • It is a fallacy to hold That Life’s patrician is the prime, And outcast tribe the sterile old, Who live for death to bide their time.
  • True religion is a firm belief in an Almighty Creator, in immortality, in self-perfection, in service, truth, love and compassion for all fellow beings, as the only way for the sanctification of human life to manifest the glory of the soul.

A Kundalini Catechism (1995) edit

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  • If we look for a moment at the great mystics of the past, the prophets like Christ and Buddha, Shankaracharya, Vyasa, or Mohammed, we find evidence of this in their own lives. It is a desire tospeak the truth, a desire to speak to mankind with unbounded love, compassion, mercy, and charity. This is found in all of them.
  • Kundalini is the evolutionary mechanism in man. It is slowly but inexorably leading mankind towards a higher state of consciousness. In the normal human being the condition of one’s heart is always a matter for careful attention because the heart plays a most important function in keeping the body alive.
  • If I say that Kundalini performs no less important a function, not only for the individual but for the whole of the race, shouldn’t it be a matter of the deepest interest for us to know how it functions? It is at work every moment of our lives in building the brain and the nervous system, and it is therefore most necessary for the safety of mankind that some people deeply interested in it arouse this power so that the world might benefit by their experience.
  • Everyone who is transformed by the action of Kundalini blooms into a genius. When more and more facts about this still-mysterious and mighty force are known, more and more men and women will endeavour to arouse the power.
  • As for those in whom the power awakens in a malignant way, it will be possible when physicians come into possession of more facts about it to apply methods and other remedies to counteract the effects of an unhealthy awakening.
  • The knowledge of the secret of Kundalini, when accepted and amplified by the experience of other competent investigators, will bring home to humanity the need for strict adherence to the laws of evolution and for adjusting their social and political systems in harmony with these laws.
  • At this moment mankind is unsafe in the hands of present-day politicians. Considering the progress she has made in physical science and technological skill, it is imperative that superconscious minds be placed in charge of human affairs.
  • For political leadership one needs more than a pure heart and a good intellect. He or she must have the talent for administration and the charisma to rule. People with less character but better talent sometimes prove to be better leaders than those who were good-hearted but did not know the art of leadership.
  • Please don’t think that after the awakening of Kundalini all human problems will be automatically solved. The universe is so complicated and human nature so deep that to the last day man will continue to gather wisdom to enable him to live in greater and greater harmony and joy.

The Purpose of Life, Interview by Claes Nobel edit

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  • Solitude and nature are absolutely necessary for the proper development of a human being.
  • It is an admixture of natural life, lived in solitude, amid beautiful surroundings of nature and what we call an arboreal life, which is absolutely necessary for the poise and harmony of the human mind.
  • We should have a population for which we have sufficient out of all that is produced by the earth. This can only be possible when the needs of the population and the planning done for it are on a global basis.
  • What would be needed are men and women who are cultivated, trained, and who have reached to other dimensions of consciousness, in charge of important offices. That is the only way to safety.
  • See how calm and reposeful Nature is and how restless is man... He doesn't know that he has to evolve in a certain direction, that he has to reach a dimension where he will combine the scientist, the sage and the illuminated in himself.

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