Pam Ayres

English poet, songwriter and presenter of radio and television programmes

Pam Ayres, MBE (born 14 March 1947) is an English poet, comedian, songwriter and presenter of humorous poetry.



The Wonderbra

  • I bought myself a Wonderbra
    For fourteen ninety nine,
    It looked so good on the model girl's chest,
    And I hoped it would on mine,
    I took it from the packaging
    And when I tried it on,
    The Wonderbra restored to me
    All I believed had gone.

In Favour Of Pushing Your Car Over A Cliff And Buying A Bike...

  • I am a mighty Garage,
    On the corner of the Square,
    And it is all my pleasure,
    To provide a quick repair,
    Or I can do your service,
    In the blinking of an eye,
    I wouldn't say it's thorough,
    But it'll get you by.

Oh No, I've Got A Cold

  • I am sitting on the sofa.
    By the fire and staying in.
    Me head is free of comfort
    And me nose is free of skin
    Me friends have run for cover,
    They have left me pale and sick
    With me pockets full of tissues
    And me nostrils full of Vick.
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