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Palladas (fl. 4th century AD) was a Greek poet of the Roman period.

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Anth. Pal. ix. 489.
  • Γραμματικοῦ θυγάτηρ ἔτεκεν φιλότητι μιγεῖσα
    παιδίον ἀρσενικόν, θηλυκόν, οὐδέτερον.
    • A grammarian’s daughter, having known a man, gave birth to a child which was masculine, feminine, and neuter.
    • THE dominie’s daughter eloped with a suitor,
      And the baby was masculine, feminine, neuter.
      • ["A Question of Gender"] W. S. Marris, The Oxford Book of Greek Verse in Translation (1938), p. 655.
Anth. Pal. x. 85.
  • Πάντες τῷ θανάτῳ τηρούμεθα, καὶ τρεφόμεσθα
    ὡς ἀγέλη χοίρων σφαζομένων ἀλόγως.
    • We are all kept and fed for death, like a herd of swine to be slain without reason.
      • W. R. Paton, Greek Anthology, iv, pp. 46-7.
    • DEATH’S herd are we, and all the world a sty.
      For Death we’re primed and butchered,—god knows why!
      • T. F. Higham, The Oxford Book of Greek Verse in Translation (1938), p. ?

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