Pak Tu-jin

The monument at Pak Tu-jin's birthplace, inscribed with one of his poems

Pak Tu-jin (also transliterated as Park Dujin) (1916 – September 16, 1998) was a Korean poet.


  • 해야 솟아라, 해야 솟아라, 말갛게 씻은 얼굴 고운 해야 솟아라. 산 너머 산 너머서 어둠을 살라 먹고, 산 너머서 밤새도록 어둠을 살라 먹고, 이글이글 애띤 얼굴 고운 해야 솟아라.
    달밤이 싫여, 달밤이 싫여, 눈물 같은 골짜기에 달밤이 싫여, 아무도 없는 뜰에 달밤이 나는 싫여…….
    • O Sun, arise. O Sun, arise. O lovely Sun, your face bathed clean, arise. Over the mountains, over the mountains, consume the darkness, consume the darkness over the mountains all night long, then arise, O lovely Sun, with your blazing face of innocence.
      Odious moonlight, odious moonlight, odious moonlight in the tearful vales; how I hate moonlight in empty gardens!
    • Rise, the sun. Rise, the sun. Rise, the fair sun in your face washed clean. Beyond the mountains, flame and wolf the darkness all night. The fair sun, in your burning, youthful face, rise.
      I loathe the moonlit night. I loathe the moonlit night. I loathe the moonlit night in a tearful ravine, I loathe the moonlit night in a desolate garden…
    • "해" (1949)
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