Pac-Man World 3

2005 video game

Pac-Man World 3 is a video game that was released on November 15, 2005 in North America.


Pac-Man: (stances) I live in a sort a landfill pit there's green goo some thrashing junk and it smell really bad here... really!
Orson: Oh you down there, eww! Rather you than me. Make your way upwards. I'll try to think of someway to help.
Pac-Man: What about the monsters? There's usually monsters at times like this.

Ms. Pac-Man: [after Pac-Man gets teleported for the first time] Pac, get down from there! Your not 24 anymore you know.
Pac-Man: But I'm not doing anything!

Blinky: [referring to Pac-Man] The yellow fella? He'll munch us all! We're doomed I tell you! Doomed!
Inky: [sobbing] I don't want to be doomed, I just want to go home!

Pac-Man: Oh well, at least this birthday is better than my 20th.

Clyde: Excuse me, Munchy!
Pac-Man: Did I just hear something? A tiny squeak?
Clyde: Yeah, yeah, yeah. The big red ghost gets himself all caged up so the yellow fella gets to mock! Go on then, Munchy! Mock away!

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