Pío Pico

Governor of Alta California (1801-1894)

Pío de Jesús Pico (May 5, 1801 – September 11, 1894) was the last governor of Alta California (now the State of California) under Mexican rule.

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Mexican-American WarEdit

During the Mexican–American War, arguing for Mexican troops to defend California:

  • What are we to do then? Shall we remain supine, while these daring strangers are overrunning our fertile plains, and gradually outnumbering and displacing us? Shall these incursions go on unchecked, until we shall become strangers in our own land?

Columbian ExpositionEdit

On being invited to appear at the Columbian Exposition:

  • If those gringos imagine for a moment they can take me back there and show me in a side tent at two bits a head they are very mistaken.<
    • William David Estrada, Los Angeles Plaza: Sacred and contested space (2008)

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