Owen Mulligan

Gaelic football player

Owen "Mugsy" Mulligan (born 1981) is an Irish Gaelic footballer who played for the Cookstown Fr. Rock's club and for the Tyrone county team. He helped Tyrone win the 2003, 2005 and 2008 All-Ireland Finals.


  • I bet you the Dubs are shiteing themselves now. #LouthforUlster #Hartesarmy

Quotes about Mulligan

  • Boris Johnson said this week that he wants to unleash 'The Great British haircut'. Boris, who looks like what Owen Mulligan will in 10 years' time, likes to put 'Great British' or 'Great Britain' before his public pronouncements... Perhaps when Owen Mulligan was running amok against Dublin in the mid-noughties, selling them what Sean Cavanagh would describe as 'The Great UK dummy', a young Boris was watching, marched straight to the barber afterwards and demanded the full Mulligan.
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