Ovidio G. Assonitis

Egyptian show business executive, film producer, screenwriter, and film director

Ovidio Gabriel Assonitis (January 18, 1943–) is an Egyptian-born Greco-Italian entertainment executive, film producer, screenwriter, and director.


  • When I was seven or eight years old, I watched a Chinese horror movie. I can’t recall the title. But some of the scenes made me so scared. They made a very strong impression on me. That evening, it became clear to me what would be my future: I wanted to be a horror filmmaker. I went into the kitchen and then down into the basement and filled a tray with flour. Then I filled a pan with alcohol. I snuck upstairs with all of it and put flour all over my face. I lit the pan filled with alcohol, covered myself with a white sheet, and switched off the lights to the entire building. Slowly, I descended the staircase and walked in the direction of my family sitting in the living room... I looked like a ghost! When they saw me, they screamed in absolute fright. Well, I suppose that was my first introduction to the world of entertainment!
  • Dear fans, send me one dollar bill each: by counting them, I will know how many fans I have!
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