Overlord (2007 video game)

2007 video game

Overlord is a video game for the Xbox 360 and PC. It is a role-playing game/real-time strategy released in 2007, followed by an expansion in 2008 known as Raising Hell (which later got a Playstation 3 release along with the original title). It was developed by Triumph Studios and published by Codemasters.


  • There's the luggage, Sire! Now bring it to that female creature before she moans the place down!
  • A Succubus! Poor misunderstood ladies. All they want is a little bit of love. A little bit of death!
  • I can hardly blame Sir William for his tastes. I knew a Succubus once, Lord. Charming girl, charming. A little high maintenance, but you couldn't fault her enthusiasm.
  • Now dwarves, Sire, dwarves are like angry beards on legs. Angry beer-soaked beards on legs!
  • Goldo Golderson. Now there's a name that's just asking for trouble. Goldie Goldigger was his mother. She always favoured the older dwarves... Golden Goldeater was his cousin, but the other dwarves don't like to talk about him.
  • I have seen evil masters come and go: Exploded, disintegrated, immolated... Even one time eaten by a giant weasel!
  • You can now control 15 minnions. 15! That's twice the braincells in the average sheep.


  • If that plague leaves Heaven's Peak, then things are going to get very disorganised. And I hate that.
  • Go on, be off with you. I want to see some proper evil being done out there.
  • Some young harlot, I imagine, with full breasts and an empty head.
  • Well that's just typical of her! Er, of her type, I mean, Sire. A silly little wench, too daft enough to know what she's got herself into.
  • I've never seen the point of slugs. They seem to exist merely to be squashed.
  • [About Jewel] She's barely left the crib. That young lady needs a smacked bottom.

The JesterEdit

  • Reckless Orchestrator of Minion Deaths!
  • Friend to the Flowers and Trees!
  • Purger of the Perverted Paladin!
  • Overlord? More like Overlard!
  • [After repeatedly being attacked during training] You're evil! You're really, really evil! I get it!
  • Bully of Jesters!


  • Ahh, I smell roasted Halfling on the breeze.
  • Remember, Sire; never trust anything that's head-height with your groin.
  • Uh, we weren't trying to run away from you, honest!
  • One of those Wraiths put something down my trousers!


  • Is that a pumpkin in your pocket, or are you just pleased to see me?
  • If that Gnarl looks at me funny one more time, I'm going to hit him with a poker!
  • That Gnarl pinched me. That's sexual harassment, that is, and I won't stand for it.
  • Up in Heaven's Peak, it was Succubus this, Succubus that, why haven't you got wings like she's got.
  • You're not taking me back to clean his socks!

Sir William the BlackEdit

  • You!? You!? Didn't we leave you for dead in that god-forsaken tower?!
  • They die to give me pleasure!
  • Do not kill all of my party guests!
  • The Wizard is watching... He is always watching!

The Old OverlordEdit

  • The good always want to be Heroes. They're so... predictable! And so are you.
  • Have another roast pig, Melvin. Have two! You're a Hero now!
  • I think she likes you, Sir William. If you want to slip away with her, I won't tell anyone.
  • [Laughs] Have a rest, Oberon! Heroes need their rest.
  • Goldo, you can have all the gold you ever wanted, my friend. No-one would refuse a Hero!
  • That Jewel had everything! It turned out what she wanted was what other people had!
  • Hard to see what you love taken away isn't it, Khan? When reason is gone, nothing is left but madness!
  • The Good... They don't even know how close to Evil they really are...

The Forgotten GodEdit

  • My name will be whispered... My name will be screamed!
  • Are you seeking to amuse me with your squashy little army?


  • Rose: My luggage! You and your little cherubs found it!
  • Minion: Cherubs? Ugh!

  • Elf Ghost: The footprints of death still linger! They taunt us!
  • Rose: Elves, they're so depressing. Pull yourself together, man!

  • Elf Ghost #1: We are lost... We are lost... The Mother Goddess statue has been taken from us. Is the destruction of our race not enough for those barbarians?
  • Elf Ghost #2: Please, we beg of you, return her, and you will not find us without gratitude. Until then, we shall mourn.
  • Gnarl: Mourn!? Never rely on an elf to do anything useful!

  • Velvet: That has got to be the most disgusting thing I have ever seen, and I've seen Gnarl.
  • Gnarl: Oooh, thank you, Mistress!

  • Gnarl: There's the Beer Kettle, Sire! Remove this, and strike a blow to the dwarves' strength! Return it to the Tower, and your Minions will receive a permanent boost!
  • Rose: And then they'll be right terrors to put to bed.

  • Elf Ghost: What is a world without elves?
  • Gnarl: A better place! [cackles]

  • Minion: Bug go down! Go boom! [laughs]
  • Gnarl: Minions clearly don't know the difference between "secluded" and "safe." Apologies, Sire. Their brains are quite tiny.

  • The Forgotten God: Act One, in which the elven race lived peacefully, protected by their unworthy deity, the Mother Goddess!
  • Elf #1: Oh, brother, how lucky we are, to live in the bounteous green bosum of Evernight.
  • Elf #2: Aye, my friend, we are. Let us pray to the Mother Goddess.
  • Elf #3: For although she is a cold and uncaring harlot, undeserving of worship, she alone will listen to our woe, our sorrow, and our poetry!
  • Gnarl: Hmm, seems the writer of this play doesn't like the Mother Goddess that much. Or the elves for that matter.
  • The Forgotten God: Act Two, in which the dwarves attack Evernight, crushing the elves into the ground of their precious forest! Ahh...
  • Gnarl: Now that's entertainment! I think I'm fan already.

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