Over the Hedge (video game)

2006 video game

Over the Hedge is a 2006 platform video game based on the film of the same name. Sami Kirkpatrick, Madison Davenport and Shane Baumel reprise their roles from the film as baby porcupines Bucky, Quillo, and Spike.


Verne: Maybe going inside a human's house wasn't such a good idea.
Hammy: I wanna eat! I want food!
RJ: Food is what you'll get, Hamster. Enough food to fill a bear cave... Hopefully.
RJ: Ok, everyone, pay attention.
Hammy: Ooh! Look at the light!
RJ: We need to get through the next three yards. Everyone knows your roles, right?
Ozzie: Heather and I run along the front of the houses, And come in through the basement window, At the first sign of trouble, we...
Heather: We resist the urge to faint. So we can warn everyone. Right?
Verne: Lou, Penny, you'll meet us at the house?
Lou: Just me. Penny will stay home with the little ones.
Penny: Oh jeepers! I don't want you by yourself in that human house there.
Lou: But...
Penny: We do this together.
RJ: Hamilton?
Hammy: Where'd it go? Huh?
RJ: You and Stella meet us at the hole in the fence in the third yard, right?
Hammy: Right! Third yard! Yep! Three comes after six, right?
Verne: Stella?
Stella: Help Hammy count to three, Got it.
RJ: And Verne and I will navigate the three yards full of the most devious human traps imaginable, Sticking to the shadow like creatures of the night, sneaking past incredible dangers, and...
Verne: Sometime before the sun comes up would be good.
RJ: Right. Everyone ready?
Verne: Good luck everyone. And be careful!

Hammy: Cattle prod at 3:00! This is not a drill!
Verne: Doesn't this human ever give up? Lemme rephrase that. I give up.
Hammy: C'mon, Verne! Are you a turtle or a mouse?

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