Outlaw Star

Japanese anime television series

Outlaw Star (星方武侠アウトロースター, Seihō Bukyō Autorō Sutā?, translated as "Starward Warrior Knight Outlaw Star") is a manga series written and illustrated by Takehiko Ito. The series takes place in the distant future, 150 years after the development of spacecraft capable of traveling faster than the speed of light, and follows the motley crew of the titular ship: the Outlaw Star.

Season 1


Outlaw World [1.1]

Gene: (to himself) I've got a bad feeling about this...but a job's a job.

Gene: Okay, so your real name is Hilda. Why are those pirates after you?
Hilda: I'm their enemy. We're after the same treasure.
Jim: Treasure? This is bad news, Gene! Let's get out of here!
Gene: You don't actually think that they'll let us go now, do you?

Jim: Women will be the death of you someday.
Gene: Right, I can't forget to include that in my plan for an ideal life.

Star of Desire [1.2]

Narrator: A boy has the right to dream. There are endless possibilities stretched out before him. What awaits him down the path, he will then have to choose. The boy doesn't always know. At some point, the boy then becomes an adult and learns what he was able to become. Joy and sadness forever will accompany this. He is confronted with a choice - when this happens, does he bid his past farewell in his heart? Once a boy becomes an adult, he can no longer go back to being a boy. The boy is now a man. Only one thing can be said: A boy has the right to dream, for those endless possibilities are stretched out before him. We must remember, all men were once boys.

Swanzo: There are 3 powers in space. The Space Forces, the pirates, and outlaws. The difference is what motivates them. What motivates an outlaw varies from person to person. Good or bad, doesn't figure in solidarity in their duty.
Jim Hawkins: Jim: So that's what makes them outlaws.

Into burning space [1.3]

Narrator: With the development of the munchousen drive, which made faster than light space travel prossible, humanity entered into a new era of space odysseys. They set out into the universe, into this infinite sea. Explorers, soldiers, colonists. All sorts of travelers with all sorts of names crossed the sea of stars and spread out across all sorts of worlds. But when law and order were created, those who disturbed it appeared. And when wealth and interest were made those who would plunder them appeared. Just as in the last great age of sailing, pirates were reborn in space. But in this new age of odysseys a new breed of sailor appeared who worked outside the law, but sided with neither space pirate nor space forces: Outlaws. This was the name given to those who traveled to space with only his freedom as his guide.
Horis: 5 planetary grappler ships have launched from Blue Heaven and are closing in.
Hilda: Gene, hey Gene!
Gene: Huh, what is it?
Hilda: You ever fight in a spaceship before?
Gene: No, even if I did, I don't want to now.
Hilda: I thought you had experience as a pilot.
  • Gene: I do, I might puke all over the console.
  • Horis: Warning, that may cause a short circuit.
  • Jim: If you don't have a problem with it, I'll help.
  • Hilda: Can you operate a laser cannon?
  • Jim: Sure, I know how to use one.
  • Hilda: It's to your right. If they close in, open fire.
  • Jim: Okay.
  • Hilda: Melfina, sit in the auxiliary control chair. You're able to do it.
  • Melfina: Alright, I'll try.
  • Horis: Warning, please avoid any reckless evasive maneuvers until we are out of Blue Heaven's approach lane.
  • Hilda: Alright, continue accelerating.
  • McCoy Henchman1: They won't get away, lets split ourselves up.
  • McCoy Henchman2: Right.
  • Horis: Grappler ships to aft have split into 2 groups.
  • Hilda: Jim, eyes up, they're coming in from the rear.
  • Jim: Gotcha.
  • Jim: There they are!
  • McCoy: Ain't gonna work little lady!
  • Horis: Enemy craft have anti-laser defenses.
  • Jim: Uhh... Hilda, what are we gonna do?
  • Hilda: Keep firing, it'll keep them on their toes at least.
  • Jim: Okay.
  • Gene: Ugh...
  • McCoy: (laughs) Running out of time.
  • Horis: Further evasion is dangerous. Now leaving guide path.
  • Melfina: Grappler ship closing in from above!
  • McCoy Henchman1: Okay, lady, gotcha this time.
  • Hilda: Horis, we need a rapid climb.
  • Gene: Ugh...
  • McCoy Henchman1: Ahh man!
  • Hilda: How much longer until we're cleared of the asteroid zone?
  • Horis: 482 seconds.
  • Melfina: I see something thats closing in on us from ahead. It's a large ship.
  • Horis: Ship is cruiser class. Type unknown. It is on a collision course.
  • Hilda: Send out a warning.
  • Horis: They claim they have the right of way.
  • Aisha: This is the Orta Hone Hone, registered to the Ctarl Ctarl empire. I am speaking to you as Ambassador Planetary Penitentiary Aisha Clan Clan. With total authority in all space,

held by the Ctarl Ctarl empire. We are docking at Blue Heaven, clear the way.

  • Crowd: Clear the way (~ 10 times)
  • Ctarl Ctarl1: Make way for the Ctarl Ctarl empire!
  • Ctarl Ctarl2: If you don't clear the we're gonna whip your butt.
  • McCoy Henchman1: The Ctarl Ctarl empire!
  • McCoy Henchman2: What should we do?
  • McCoy: Like we really have a choice? These guys are even worse than the pirates!
  • Hilda: Listen, I'm an outlaw. I hate to say it, but I don't have a treaty with you, understand? This departing ship is taking the right of way.
  • Jim: Huh? You're picking a fight with the Ctarl Ctarl?
  • Gene: Hey Jim, tell me, what are the Ctarl Ctarl like again?
  • Jim': They're like a cross between a human and a tiger. They're really nasty.
  • Technician1: Approaching ship isn't changing course!
  • Aisha: Wait! Wait a minute, thats crazy!
  • Technician2: Stop messing around!
  • Technician3: Moron!
  • Technician1: We're gonna eat you.
  • Hilda: Don't worry. If you drop your shield, they'll be enough room for us to pass.
  • Aisha: What?! You defy the Ctarl Ctarl empire!? Grr....
  • Hilda: Without it the ships will collide!
  • Aisha: What? Just a minute!
  • Technician2: Graphic shields altering course 3 degrees to port.
  • Technician1: Firing starboard blasters for 10 seconds.
  • Jim: Ugh... ugh...
  • Aisha: Aaaahhh! Arrr!
  • Gene: Oh boy...
  • McCoy Henchman1: Kay, go after them.
  • Aisha: Hey! Hold it right there! All of you stop your ships do you hear me? You're under arrest in the name of the Ctarl Ctarl empire!
  • McCoy Henchman3: Oh no, what should we do?
  • McCoy Henchman4: What else can we do? We can't get away from that ship.
  • Aisha: Hey! You outlaws, hold on!
  • Horis: T minus 60 until asteroid zone is cleared. Warning. Warning. Further acceleration within asteroid zone is dangerous.
  • Jim: Aaaah!
  • Aisha: Grr! Blast it! Everyone's trying to make fools of us. That does it, fire! I said fire!
  • Crowd: Fire! Fire! Fire! Fire!
  • Technician1: But Lady Aisha, firing within the asteroid cluster is...
  • Aisha: Quiet! This is in the honor of the Ctarl Ctarl!
  • Technician1: Yes, m'am!
  • Crowd: Fire
  • Aisha: Grrr!
  • Technician3: Lady Aisha blew it, she should have listened to him!
  • Gene: Oh Hilda, where are we headed off to this time?
  • Hilda: Just a little star system. Meeting up with some friends there.

Hilda: Just how long are you going to keep whining?
Gene: If I can't hit anything, I can't hit anything!
Hilda: You're gonna just keep running away?!
Gene: Running away? I'm not running...

When the Hot Ice Melts [1.4]

Narrator: Grappler arms were originally manipulators that were attached to EVA crafts. At first, it was the Chinese pirates that put the arm's abilities to new and devious uses. After the Chinese transport carried dragonite from planet to planet, the pirates began to attack their own craft with surprising intensity. To the pirates of the era, arms symbolized the strength of their ships and before long they integrated the arms into their attack methods. The Federation Space Forces became extremely irate with this situation and began developing grappler arms of their own, bragging that they planned to formally equip space forces fighters with them in the near future. They would be a force to be reckoned with. Because of the complicated manner in which space fighters used these grappler arms, space combat was clearly impossible without the aid of powerful computers. The combination of grappler arms and potent computers savagely pushed human physical and mental capacity to their limits and those that survived battle were spoken of with respect. They were known as grapplers.

Jim Hawkins: Wow, I'm impressed. You managed to get on the bad side of the pirates and the space forces.
Hot Ice Hilda: I owed 'em one.

Gene Starwind: Who are you?
Gilliam: I am myself. But it is inappropriate for me to subjectively define who I am. I'd take means to test the veracity of any such definition. And the restraints therefore have been placed within me restricting such an act.
Gene Starwind: What the heck kind of answer is that?

Hot Ice Hilda: Still read me Gene? Just remember, outlaws never go down easy, no matter what happens to them.

The Beast Girl, Ready to Pounce! [1.5]

Narrator: This young girl grew up in the sun. With joy, laughter, and friendships. She felt nothing but the pleasure of being in her place in the sun. This girl was born into a proud noble family, surrounded by love, and graduated with honors from the highest academic institution in the land. Now not graduating with honors was only a faint shadow. But in her land, where respect was given to rank, it held great meaning. The post given to those who graduated with honor was space. She was then cast out of her place in the sun. She had no other choice. The choice was not hers. She was officer Aisha Klan Klan of the Ctarl Ctarl empire. Now the pleasure of her lost place in the sun will never return.”
Aisha Clan Clan: Nyaaaaah! It can't end like this! I WON'T LET IT!!!
Gene Starwind: Maybe I'll never get over this.

Melfina: Why was I made? Who made me and what did they make me for?

The Beautiful Assassin (Uruwashiki Ansatsusha) [1.6]

Narrator: To kill. That is this woman's profession. To kill. That is the only means by which she can survive. Her name is Suzuka. There are none who know her past. There are none who ask about her past. Through battle, she finds herself. She weeps as she watches the wind, and senses the currents of the universe in her skin. This is the kind of woman that Suzuka is. She is not a special woman. All women are special. All women possess many faces. Yet, no man has ever seen the faces of Suzuka. All that men can see is the gleaming sword she holds in her hands. Even if these men who see her gleaming blade were to receive just a brief smile, they would never see it or know of it while they were alive. This woman's name is Suzuka. To kill, that is her profession.

Guard: Do you know why we don't turn you away and lock you out even though you're rude to the young master?
Gene Starwind: Uh, cause you'll get yourself hurt if you take me on?
Guard: No, cause the young master happens to love you.

Suzuka: Why don't you stop running and learn to face me?
[Jim pulls up in his car]
Jim Hawkins: Gene, get in!
Gene Starwind: [getting in the car] See ya later!

Suzuka: Worldly desires are foolish. They have cost you your life.
'Gene Starwind: Perhaps, and there is some desires that are big enough to risk your life for. This is one of them. I have to put my life on the line for this.

Creeping Evil [1.7]


Narrator: The towards star world where Gene resides is a measureless one. Far away from the central areas, four known pirate groups vie for supremacy. One of the four is after the Outlaw Star and Melfina to destroy them. This particular group are pirates from the Hopo system. They are called the 108 suns. The most brutal member of the Chinese guild. Centered around Tendo, the 108 suns are made up of small groups of 10 or 20. The leaders of these groups control independent organizations, and they also pursue their own interests. Presently the boss of the purates who is now pursuing Gene is called Hazanko. He has power within the 108 stars. But because of the extent of that power, his organization, and the power of the methods he employs to achieve his goals it is said that the other leaders consider him superior. It is also said that the squads that carry out his orders use a super power called Sin Jitsu. And always slay those who stand against him.

Forced Departure [1.8]


Narrator: Gene Starwind, what are you waiting gor? Where will your hearts desire take you? What will satisfy you? Gene Starwind, are you going to live or will you die here? The decision os yours. Your completely in charge of your own destiny. That’s the only sure thing in life. So believe in yourself. And create your own destiny. Don’t fear failure. You have nothing to lose. The young only acquire things. You’ve come into possession of the Outlaw Star and Melfina. The only question now is “How will you use them?”. Go to the Galactic Layline. No one can stop you. Adventure is waiting for you. You should understand this by now. Time is running out. Open your eyes! Shout out! And continue forward! This is only the beginning of history!

A Journey of Adventure! Huh? [1.9]

Narrator: What's beyond that sea I wonder? The children leave their homes in search of this quest. As they search, they are always asking questions. What's out there? What's waiting for me? Leaving their innocence behind, they set out on this journey and experience many life changing adventures. Countless difficulties lie in wait. Moments of despair... The lure of the razor's edge... There's always hope, joy, meeting new friends. They face challenges, but in the process they come to find themselves. This is a journey. When they have conquered a new land, yet another sea is reflected in their eyes. What's beyond that sea? When boys become young men, they begin their own quest. Life is an endless journey.
Gene Starwind: Just listen for a minute. There's something that my old man told me a long time ago. He always said people who think big make it big. People who choose to only think small will only earn chump change the rest of their lives. It's the way things are! And that is what business is all about. [winks]
Jim Hawking: Yeah, so what exactly is your point?
Gene Starwind: Well, I don't know. I guess nothing.

Mortal Combat With the El Dorado (Eru Dorado-gō to no Shitō) [1.12]

Narrator: They kill as well, if it will make them some money that is. Pirates? Outlaws? Space Force flunkies? No, they're none of those. But they'll take jobs from anyone. Right, if it will make them some money. At any rate, they're like Hyenas that are valued by all the powers. They're dangerous if you get to close to them. And they’re good. If they weren't, somebody would have shot them in the back long ago. They are more powerful than other people's hatred of them. Everyone in the Underworld know the name: The MacDougal Brothers. But no one knows what the MacDougal Brothers are really like. They're careful, bold, cunning and will do anything for money. They're dependable, tough, ruthless. Everyone who knows anything more than the rumors has been killed. Yeah, all at the hands of the MacDougal Brothers.

Gene Starwind: So, who are you?
Gwen Khan: Hm hm hm. I'm Gwen Khan. Yes, I'm Gwen. I am a race official. Of this race. Hm Hm Hm Hm. That's what I am, an official.
Gene Starwind: And what exactly makes you so interested in our ship, Mr. Official?
Gwen Khan: I'm interested, yes interested, yes I am. Its a high performance ship made by an unknown manufacturer. Yes, its a high performance ship it truly is.
Gene Starwind: Is that so?
Gwen Khan: C'mon now, tell, do tell, how did you come by that ship, I must know. That is the mystery. Yes, that is the mystery.
Gene Starwind: Hmm... We found it.
Gwen Khan: Found it? Hm, you found it. Is that possible? No. How odd. You found it.
Gene Starwind: Yep, it was abandoned, and without an owner. So I guess that means it's our ship now. Is that a problem?
Gwen Khan: A problem? A problem? Let's see... I suppose there isn't. No, no problem at all.

Harry MacDougal: Oh shit, you're hurting me Ron! Stop! Ow, my arm, my arm, my arm!
Ron MacDougal: Calm down Harry, calm down. If you're a MacDougal man, you don't get upset over a stupid little scratch.
Harry MacDougal: Right, I'm so sorry brother.
Ron MacDougal: Hey, it's alright. We're gonna do a whole lot worse to the guy who did this to you.
Harry MacDougal: Right, and I promise I won't back down like that again. That woman... That woman...

Advance Guard from Another world [1.13]

Narrator:When humanity was spreading their colonies out into space, as to be expected, there were many encounters with alien races. These encounters sometimes gave rise to war. And other times discussion ended in the establishment of friendly relations. There are currently six alien races that mankind has encountered. Comparatively speaking, the Nayans and Corbonites are friendly towards humans. The Silgrians however have been considered by most to be too friendly. Humanities relationship with the Lorgans is somewhat bad. And there are Obstacles in even associating with the Sith.After countless battles with the Ctarl trade treates were finally concluded. As humanities sphere of influence expands further encounters probably await them. There is a lesson to be learned from the example of the past. Meetings are merely the beginning. Everything begins with understanding. One lesson learned from love can be applied here: Encounters are always abrupt.

Final Countdown [1.14]

Narrator:A thief once opined:”I may steal but that does not make me inhuman.” Those outlaws who are adrift and roaming the universe say: “You may not have the urge to break the law, but you are still bound to ignore it.” The blind and self serving vanity of the thief. The archaic and old-fashioned code of the pirate. The vainglorious and narcissistic pride of the outlaw. These may merely be white lies to delude themselves and others that they may, to some extent, be considered upright people. Whether fact or fiction, the Outlaws live by and follow a code that they take pride in. On the other hand, ruffians who live outside the law, and follow no code at all, cause some of the greatest calamities.

The Seven Emerge [1.15]

Narrator: Under the direct command of Hazanko, leader of the 108 stars, are the Anten Seven. A feared group of assassins. Tobigiera. A master of disguise and the tools of killing. Hanmeo. A prodigy in space combat with the use of cats. Iraga. A werewolf with miraculous life force. Jukai. His abilities are shrouded in mystery. Hitoriga. A man advanced in the martial arts much like the leader of the Anten Seven. Hamushi. A beauty who captivates men purely by her sex appeal. Shimi. A warrior whose skill is such that there is no one in the pirate guild who has never heard of him. If someone were unfortunate enough to make an enemy of the Anten Seven, and forced to fight against them, I would say only this: Farewell, friend.

Leilong: I know when you're young you have to be a smart-ass, even though you can't necessarily back it up.
Gene Starwind: You sure have a harsh way of looking at things, don't ya?

Gene Starwind: So, listen, have you ever been in a duel?
Leilong: Yeah sure, I've had a few.
Gene Starwind: Heh heh, so you see, you lived through every one of them, didn't ya?
Leilong: I'm not making any excuses, but lets just say at the time I had no choice, it was something I had to do. In my own way I show respect for those who have died.
Gene Starwind: Respect... respect... heh hm.
Leilong: That's right, and living means something to me. That why I'm still alive to talk about it.
Gene Starwind: Hmm. Well I know one thing, I sure as heck don't feel like losing. Not now.

Gene Starwind: So this guy was your flunkie, is that it?
Leilong: He was more like a pupil really. He didn't have any talent so he died. That's all it amounts to.

Demon of the Water Planet [1.16]


Between Life and Machine [1.17]

Narrator:The Difference between humans and robots is obvious to anyone. There are clear differences between living and non-living entities. But what about the differences between humans and cyborgs? This is not a problem either. A cyborg is someone who has superhuman abilities due to mechanical systems that have been incorporated into his body. But how do we begin to classify these bio androids? Actually this gives rise to ethical problems that become progressively complicated. If one were to classify a bio android it would have to be thought of as a life form. Because a cyborg is considered a person a bio android, in which machinery is combined with flesh, must also be classified as a person. However most humans scoff at such ideas. And insist these hybrid lifeforms can never be regarded as humans. This is because humans were created by God. But androids were created solely by humans. Their justification is that we humans have souls that live on. But androids live only in the physical plane without any possibility of life in the here-after. However the existence of a creator God, and even the soul for that matter, has yet to be discovered and proven beyond the shadow of a doubt by any established organization within the scientific community. And so the classification of bio android lifeforms remains unclear.
Harry: Nothing good can ever come of staying with normal people.

The Strongest Woman in the Universe [1.18]

’’’Aisha:’’’ For someone as brave as you are, Suz, you sure are a worrywart.
’’’Aisha:’’’ Have no fear! Just leave everything to Aisha! I’ve already got a million ideas how I’m gonna spend the prize money!

Law and Lawlessness [1.19]

Aisha: What in the world's going on?
Jim: Ha ha! I just sabotaged their mainframe computer by remote control.
Aisha: You're a genius, Jim.
Gene: Way to go, buddy.
Jim: I couldn't have done it without Melfina.
Melfina: Two enemy ships coming in.
Gene: Only two anchors left, isn't that right?
Melfina: Launching anchors number 5 and 6.
Gene: We're going in. Yeah! Eat this! Your power's about the same, huh?
Melfina: Ugh! The other ship's coming in now!
Jim: I think we're in trouble, Gene.
Gilliam: Be careful, Gene. I'm being accessed by the enemy ship's main computer.
Gene: Hey, what the?
Doose: Looks like we made it just in time.
Gene: Its that lizard!
Valeria: Gene, it's okay. Let us be the one to handle the carrier, all right?
Doose: Hey boy, you said something about there being 3 powers that exist in space. All right, step aside then and I'll show you what the might of the military's power looks like. All ships, commence your barrage!
Gene: Now that's impressive.
Doose: What's the matter boy, do you need me to finish the job for ya?
Gene: Hah, watch me. Now you lose!

Girls and Cats and Spaceships [1.20]

Narrator: Subject: Jim Hawking "Jim" to his friends.
                Age: 11
                Height: 140 centimeters
                Weight: 32 kilograms
                Blood type: A

A boy genius, he is the son of a renowned hacker known as the Computer Wizard. The cautious type, Jim is Gene Starwind's polar opposite. Jim always carries a computer with him and diligently keeps a close eye on profitable information and enemy movement. He is a quick thinker, yet he is also very outgoing in his actions. Jim displays many precocious traits which are anything but child-like. Although occassionally victimized and tormented by Gene's inability to plan ahead, Jim has not abandoned him. And Judging by the way he manages Gene, Jim clearly looks up to him.

Gene:Well, thats understandable!
Jim:Anyway, I'm totally the kind of guy needed around here to keep Gene's bachelor lifestyle from crashing around his ears
Gene: Hey, stop making things up!
Jim:Well, that's my cue to leave.
Gilliam:I would also like to ask that you do not disturb my job.
Gene, Jim:Right!

Hanmio: Guess who?
Jim: Hanmio?
Hanmio: Thats right!
Jim: Um.. here.
Hanmio: You brought me flowers? Wow! That is so nice.

Grave of the Dragon [1.21]

Gene: (stands over Harry with aiming his gun at him) I don't think I'm going to miss, this time!

Gravity Jailbreak [1.22]


Hot Springs Planet Tenrei [1.23]

Jim: (after passing immigration) Immigration matters, huh
Aisha: All we did was change clothes!

(Gene tumbles down the mountain into the lava hot springs where Aisha is soaking. Gene scrambles out.)
Aisha: Now I get it. You came here all this way just to see me naked, huh?
Gene: That's not it! I didn't come here to, uh...
(Gene stares at the fully naked Aisha and falls in the lava.)
Gene: HOT! HOT! HOT!
Aisha: He's getting all worked up for this? Talk about no self-control.

Cutting the Galactic Leyline [1.24]

Narrator: Gene Starwind. Jim Hawking. Melfina. Suzuka. Aisha Clan Clan. Fred Lou. Ron MacDougal. Harry MacDougal. Gwen Khan. Hazanko. Hitoriga. Hamushi. Jukai. Tobigiera. The Outlaw Star. The Geomancer. The Shangri-La. Very well then, the cast is assembled. I will show you what the Galactic Leyline is. Well, even when you find out you won't be surprised. You think you know what its all about do you? Well maybe what you think it is is only what you want it to be, or simply something that you want to know. When a mystery is solved it ceases to be a mystery, and the curiosity fades with it. Even though people know this, they search out mysteries because they like to say "Oh, so thats what it was." Yes. Let me start to help you choose these mysteries you want to solve. into well known facts.

Hazanko: What do you think you're up to? Loathsome jackals like you don't have a chance of getting in there.
Ron MacDougal: Jackals, huh? Nah, we're big game hunters. We're gonna take down the XGP for starters, then plunder the Leyline.
Gene (in the Episode 25 preview, thinking about Melfina): Melfina, I never knew anything about you. Now that you’re gone, I've realized that I need you. Here at the Galactic Leyline, I’ll find something, and I’ll lose something. Wait for me.

Maze of Despair (Zetsubō e no Meikyū) [1.25]

Gene Starwind: Suzuka, why did you come with us on this mission?
Suzuka: Why is it that men always want to know the why of everything? It's not as if knowing why will let you do anything about it. Before you ask me, you should sort out your own feelings, don't you agree Gene?

Jukai: Very wise Aisha, you sensed my power and let the child escape before I humiliated you. How kind of you. Hah hah hah!
Aisha Clan-Clan: Stop trying to second guess me. You're gonna pay for that. I am your worst nightmare. [to herself] How in the world did I end up here? I thought I was supposed to be on a treasure hunt. Well, never mind. Always attack the problem that life places in front of your face!
Jukai: Precisely!

Hitoriga: You're an extraordinary woman, Suzuka. I really do love you, in spite of what you might think. That's why I took this face. And you went to all this trouble to see me. With a mountain of treasure right in front of you, you turned it down and chose me.
Suzuka: My individuality is what's important to me. Everything in my world is an extension of that standard. But you wouldn't understand that, would you?
Harry: Whats going on? Huh? Melfina! Hold on. You don't have to worry anymore, I'll save you. I came here for you Melfina.
Melfina: Oh no, I'm so sorry Harry but I can't be what you want me to be.
Harry: But thats not true. You don't have to do anything. Just having you near is enough for me. Don't you understand? I love you.
Hazanko: So there you are. At last we meet, my prize Melfina. Come, open the gate.
Harry: You better watch what you're saying mister! I'm the only man in Melfina's life so you better back off.
Hazanko: Don't be absurd.

Gene Starwind: Why should I stay behind? Especially when no one worked harder than I to get us here in the first place.
Ron MacDougal: And if my little brother's gone as a result Professor, you should bear some of the responsibility, don't you think?
Gwen Khan: What? Now that's utterly preposterous, its not even logical.
Ron MacDougal: Yeah, well for a man who just lost his only brother its logical enough Professor.
Gene Starwind: Great. I finally make it to the finish line and that babe doesn't even wait for me. MacDougal, Where's Melfina?
Ron MacDougal: Well if it isn't Gene Starwind. Now that I think about it, it was you and Hilda that started this ridiculous party.

Hot Ice Hilda: An Outlaw must always be a lone wolf without letting anything holding him down. You can never count on anyone but yourself. But then sometimes you want to feel the warmth of another body, you know?
Hot Ice Hilda: No one's going to give you a map. You've gotta walk your own path.

Norman Starwind: Are you going to go up to space with your old man or not?
Gene Starwind: I've lived my life following my dreams and I don't have any regrets.

Gene: Great. I finally make it to the finish line and that babe doesn't even wait for me. MacDougal, Where's Melfina?
Ron: Well if it isn't Gene Starwind. Now that I think about it, it was you and Hilda that started this ridiculous party.
Ron: You keep trying the same thing over and over again. Well I'm tired of playing and now you're going to suffer like Harry did!
Gene: Well your a little late. For your information that shell I just fired was a number nine.
Ron: A number nine? Do they actually exist? But it looks like it didn't do any kind of damage at all. Huh?

Return to Space [1.26]

Melfina: Gene, is there something you desire? Say it. By using the Leyline, I can grant anything your heart desires and make it real.
Gene: (silence)
Melfina: Gene?
Gene: There isn't anything the Leyline can give me. All I really want is for you to return with me.
Melfina: Gene.
Gene: Oh no, I made you cry again. Melfina, what is it that you wish for?
Melfina: I want to stay who I am. I want to be with you forever Gene.
Gene: Well thats what I want too.

(They both kiss each other)

Hazanko: I finally have it. Power. Power!
Jim: Whats happening now?
Aisha: What just happened? Hey?
Gilliam: Oh my... What in the world.
Melfina: Systems all green. Oh, I'm sorry. I didn't mean to surprise you. Gene, I'm right here.
Jim: What happened Gene?
Gene: Don't worry I'll fill you in on all the magic soon enough Jim. Outlaw Star, get ready to launch.
Jim: Its a miracle isn't it.
Gene: Yeah, must be. I met God.
Melfina: Gene... we're currently linked directly to the Galactic Leyline. Nows the time to free your mind and fight with all you got. You should be much stronger than usual.
Gene: Thats a roger. Lets do it!
Hazanko: You'll pay. I'll make you pay Gene Starwind!
Gene: MOron!
Hazanko: Blast you.
Gene: Heh heh. Ah!
Hazanko: I don't know why I'm wasting time like this when I can absorb you right into myself.
Melfina: Gene, remember we're not alone anymore. Together, work together. Wake up Gene!
Jim: Gene!
Suzuka: Gene!
Aisha: Gene!
Gene: Okay!
Hazanko: What the... huh?
Hazanko: No! Die! No!
Hazanko: GLOOuu! AAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!!
Cyber Melfina: Melfina... Melfina... Melfina... I'm glad that we could meet Melfina.
Melfina: Who are you?
Cyber Melfina: The Galactic Leyline is going to be moved to a new location. I'm going with it so I came to say goodbye to you.
Melfina: You're me, aren't you?
Cyber Melfina: Right. I'm the you thats the maiden of the Leyline. You don't need me anymore right? After all, you know how to take care of yourself now and you know how you can give your heart wings. Isn't that right Melfina?
Melfina: Yes. Yes, thank you.
Cyber Melfina: Goodbye.
Melfina: Farewell.
Narrator: Gene Starwind, native of planet Earth, outlaw age 20. His partner is Jim Hawking, age 11, computer engineer. Additionally, it has been confirmed that his navigator is Melfina. Rumor has it that he is accompanied by an assassin who goes by the name Suzuka; and a Ctarl Ctarl named Aisha, but until we have more information this remains unconfirmed. His ship is called the Outlaw Star. For a new outlaw yet to make a name for himself, his reputation precedes him. However, the nickname he earns for himself will depend on the effect of his future actions.
Post-credits message:

The adventure never ends –

We’ll set off on a journey

Sometime somewhere

To the stars again.

And the new adventures will begin.

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