Out of Sight

1998 film by Steven Soderbergh

Out of Sight is a 1998 film about a career bank robber who breaks out of jail and shares a moment of mutual attraction with a US Marshall he has kidnapped.

Directed by Steven Soderbergh. Written by Scott Frank, based on the novel by Elmore Leonard.
Opposites attract.

Maurice "Snoopy" Miller

  • I've, uh, vertically integrated myself. You know, diversified and shit, and now I'm into the occasional grand larceny, home invasion... shit like that.
  • [to Glenn, about killing someone] It was worse than you thought it would be, wasn't it? Yeah, you with the bad boys now, baby.


Jack Foley: [in the prison library] Hey! Sign says "shut the fuck up," or can't you fellas read? [points to a sign that says "Quiet Please"]
Maurice "Snoopy" Miller: The fuck you talkin' to man? You got a problem over there, Foley?
Jack Foley: Yeah, I got a problem: this is the dumbest fuckin' shakedown in the history of dumb shakedowns. Five hundred bucks for a pillow?
Jack Foley: If you're smart, Ripley, you'll tell this guy to fuck off.
Richard Ripley: Really?
[Maurice gives him a threatening stare]
Richard Ripley: Well, I - I - I don't know.
Jack Foley: First of all, if he kills you, then he's gonna get nothin'.
Maurice "Snoopy" Miller: Well, uh, the man don't just have to die, Foley. I mean, he could accidentally hurt himself falling down on something real hard, you know. Like a shiv, or my dick.
Richard Ripley: [whispers to Foley] I'll pay. I'll pay it. Don't worry.
Jack Foley: If he falls on anything, Snoop, then they're transfer his ass outta here faster than you can throw a fight, and you're still gonna get nothin'.
Maurice "Snoopy" Miller: You know, last time I checked, man, this shit over here ain't got nothin' to do with you, Foley. Why don't you go outside man? Smoke a cigarette or some shit?

Buddy Bragg: Here ma'am. Let me help you with these. Beautiful young lady like you shouldn't be carrying groceries. Let a man do that for you.
Parking Lot Woman: Now, I didn't ask you for help, so don't expect a tip.
Buddy Bragg: Oh, that's okay ma'am. I'll just take your car.

Jack Foley: You sure are easy to talk to. I was thinkin', if we met under different circumstances...if you were in a bar and I came up and we started talkin'...I wonder what would happen.
Karen Sisco: Nothing.
Jack Foley: If you didn't know who I was.
Karen Sisco: You'd probably tell me.
Jack Foley: Just saying if we met under different circumstances...
Karen Sisco: You have got to be kidding.

Marshall Sisco: Are you gonna go get him?
Karen Sisco: It's possible, why?
Marshall Sisco: Well, I was thinking, you could have a nice time with him on the ride down - like picking up where your interlude or whatever you call it left off - and then you could throw him in the shit house!

Karen Sisco: [at the hotel bar] So tell me, Gary, what do you do for a living?
Jack Foley: How far do you want to go with this?
Karen Sisco: Not yet. Don't say anything yet.
Jack Foley: I don't think it works if we're somebody else. I mean, Gary and Celeste, what do they know about anything?
Karen Sisco: Well, this is your game, I've never played before.
Jack Foley: It's not a game. It's not something you play.
Karen Sisco: Well, does this make any sense to you?
Jack Foley: It doesn't have to. It's something that happens. It's like seeing someone for the first time... like you could be passing on the street, and you look at each other and for a few seconds... there's this kind of a recognition... like you both know something. The next moment, the person's gone, and it's too late to do anything about it. And you always remember it, because it was there, and you let it go, and you think to yourself, "What if I had stopped? If I had said something?"
Jack Foley: "What if, what if?" And it may only happen a few times in your life.
Jack Foley: Or once.
Karen Sisco: Or once. [pause] How'd you find me?
Jack Foley: Uh...Called your room from downstairs.
Karen Sisco: Oh. And if I had answered, what were you gonna say?
Jack Foley: I would say who I was, and do you remember me, and want to meet for a drink?
Karen Sisco: If I remembered you. I came here looking for you. All right, so then I would have said yes, but for all you know, I could have had a SWAT team waiting for you... why would you trust me?
Jack Foley: It'd be worth the risk.
Karen Sisco: You like taking risks.
Jack Foley: So do you.

Karen Sisco: What were you going to do with me?
Jack Foley: I hadn't really worked that part out yet. All I knew is that I liked you, and that I didn't wanna...leave you there on the side of the road and never see you again.
Karen Sisco: Then you waved to me in that elevator.
Jack Foley: Yeah, I wasn't sure if you caught that.
Karen Sisco: I couldn't believe it.
Jack Foley: By that time I had been...thinking about you a lot...and just wondering what it would be like if we met, if we could take a time-out.
Karen Sisco: I was thinking the same thing. I kept thinking, "What if we took a time-out?"
Jack Foley: If we... just spent some time together.

Jack Foley: There's something I want you to know. I wasn't just looking for a fuck, if that's what you're thinking.
Karen Sisco: Or, I was...
Jack Foley: Why are you mad?
Karen Sisco: I was looking for some kinky thrill...you know, score with the bank robber. The way some women go for rough trade...
Jack Foley: All right. Now I can say that I fucked a U.S. Marshal. Do you think I will?
Karen Sisco: I don't know.
Jack Foley: Mm-hmm. Come here. I know a guy...walks into a bank with a bottle, tells everybody it's nitroglycerin. He scores some cash off of the teller. On his way out, he drops the bottle. It cracks on the floor. He slips in it. He smacks up his head. They get him. The nitroglycerin was canola oil. I know more fucked-up bank robbers than ones that know what they're doing. I doubt one in ten could tell you where the dye pack is. Most bank robbers are fucking morons. For you to go to bed with one for kinky thrills, like you were saying, makes you as dumb as they are. Now, you are not dumb. Why would you think that? Why would you think that I would think that?
Karen Sisco: You're not dumb.
Jack Foley: Well, I don't know about that. I mean, you can't do three falls and think you have much of a brain.

Maurice "Snoopy" Miller: Glenn, I know you are supposed to be cool and everything but you don't got to give me no tone of voice. You don't like what I'm saying, you just bounce the fuck up out of this whip anywhere along up in here man.
Glenn Michaels: OK, I think we are forgetting this is my whip. I brought you up here.
Maurice "Snoopy" Miller: Shit, come on, Glenn, if I say this my car you know this my car, you just get yourself another one. If I say we in on this Ripley shit, we in on it, with or without your punk ass. If I say you gonna walk up in this house and do this motherfucker, so I can see if you got any balls or not, guess what else you gonna do. Tighten up your panties, boy.

Maurice "Snoopy" Miller: [realizing his gun is empty, as Foley points one at him] You don't have an extra clip I can use, do you?
Jack Foley: No, I don't.
Maurice "Snoopy" Miller: You ain't never shot a gun before, have you?
Jack Foley: Not until recently, no.
Maurice "Snoopy" Miller: You nervous?
Jack Foley: A little, yeah.
Maurice "Snoopy" Miller: You know, in a situation like this, there's a high potentiality for the common motherfucker to bitch out.
Jack Foley: So I figure, why take a chance? [pulls the trigger]

Karen Sisco: You think I'll shoot you?
Jack Foley: If you don't someone else will.
Karen Sisco: Put the gun down.
Jack Foley: I'm not going back.
Karen Sisco: Jack please don't make me do this. Put the gun down.
Jack Foley: No more timeouts.


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