Our Gang

film series

Our Gang, also known as The Little Rascals or Hal Roach's Rascals, was a long-lived series of comedy short films about a troupe of poor neighborhood children and the adventures they had together. The films were produced for movie theatres by Hal Roach from 1922 to 1938, and by Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer (MGM) from 1938 to 1944. In the mid-1950s, the 80 Roach-produced shorts with sound were syndicated for television under the title The Little Rascals, as MGM retained the rights to the Our Gang trademark.


  • "Okee-dokee!" and "Okey-doke!" (Spanky)
  • "Oh-Tay!" (Porky and Buckwheat)
  • "Gee, you're pretty, Miss Crabtree. You're prettier 'n Miss MacGillicuddy." (Jackie), Teacher's Pet and Love Business, both 1930
  • "Don't call me Norman, call me Chubsy-Ubsy." (Chubby), Love Business
  • "Yum-yum. Eat-em-up!" (Uncle George (The wild man), The Kid from Borneo, 1933)
  • "I wish Cotton was a monkey. All he needs is a tail." (Spanky, A Lad an' a' Lamp, 1932)
  • "Don't drink the milk, it's SPOILED". (various characters, Mush and Milk, 1933)
  • "I don't think I'll taste so good, mother says I'm spoiled!" (Spanky, The Kid From Borneo, 1933)
  • "You said it!" (various characters)
  • "That'll learn 'em." (Scotty)
  • "Aww, gee!"(w:Dickie Moore)

Alfalfa: "Gee, you look pretty! Diamonds an' everything!"
Darla: "Oh yes indeed; I sing and I make hundreds an' thousands of dollars!"

Alfalfa: I'm the Barber of Seville! Figaro! Figaro! Figaro! How do you like that?
Opera Singer: Why, it's preposterous!
Alfalfa: Thank you very much! You're not so bad yourself!
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