Opral Benson

Nigerian entrepreneur and socialite

Opral Benson (born February 7, 1935) is an Americo-Liberian and Nigerian entrepreneur and socialite who holds the chieftaincy title of Iya Oge of Lagos. She was married to Chief T.O.S. Benson from 1962 until his death. Benson, a former university administrator manages a fashion and beauty school in Lagos and was a former director of Johnson's Products, Nigerian affiliate. In 2012, she was appointed honorary consul of Liberia in Lagos.


  • Keeping up appearances is the most expensive thing in the world.
  • Life has taught me to be helpful, honest with myself. It has helped me to be able to make a contribution when I can, know that there are ups and downs in life. It’s not always up.
  • Life has taught me to be humble, make friends with those who want to be friendly and help the society as much as I can.
  • By taking advantage of this nature's gift, the aggregate values of the larger society are inculcated, acquired and enhanced. So womanhood presents itself a positive direction for the wider society.
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