Open Season (video game)

2006 video game

Open Season is a video game, based on the movie of the same name.


Elliot: It's like a roller coaster, except really, really dangerous!

Mariska: Idiota! Estupido I told you, you look after the kits and I'll go get grubs!
Ricky Sr.: I don't have eyes on the back on my butt! How am I supposed to dig out a hiding place Open Season and watch the babies at the same time! Do you mind, city bear? Can't you see I'm losing an argument about who is going to find our babies?
Elliot: Wow, Those two are making a stink. I don't think we want to get involved in this.
Boog: But the only way out of here is past there skunks!
Elliot: Boog, I have an idea! Why don't
Boog: Go find the missing kits, maybe we can use them to lure the parents away, and then we can get through!
Elliot: Riiight. I was gonna say, let's build a rocket ship and fly over them, but your plan's better. Let's go find their kits.

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