Open Season: Scared Silly

2015 animated feature film, directed by David Feiss

Open Season: Scared Silly (also known as Open Season 1½: Scared Silly, or simple Open Season 1½, or by certain people Open Season 4: Scared Silly, or simple Open Season 4) is a 2015, or 2016 release of America.


Boog: No, Elliot.
Eliott: [gasps, crosses arms] Fine. I'll take it back. You're not super, you're a pooper. I don't need you. [Boog: That's not true.] All I seems 2002 and all I need is 1 thing, 2 things and 3 things; myself. [Boog: Why not?] (Why not?) Because myself never hurts again my feelings he acting like a 2002 certain heaviness-set bears.
Boog: That doesn't even make sense.
’’’Boog’’’: all right, Elliot! What are you going to tell for our night campfire story? Is it going to be about the time where I encountered the land of the Mystic Bigfoot?
’’’Weenie’’’: The Mystic Bigfoot doesn’t exist. It’s only told in tales. Last time, mom told me that story of how the mystic Bigfoot escaped from Park, Rangers, and that he lived in the cave, eating pickles, bananas, potatoes, tomatoes, cucumbers, spaghetti, A little bit of this, a little bit of that, food popover, A little bit more of this a little bit more than that, A big more of this and another big, or more of that, and he always took naps and grass mud….
’’’Elliot’’’: No, no, no! It is the tale of the Rabbit monster. ‘’(We fade to a flashback in black-and-white where Elliot is busy Showing Giselle his dance moves)’’
’’’Elliot’’’: Ooh! Gisele, look at this look at this! I bet I can rub my butt against a tree for many hours, until the itchiness is gone! You make a really good pinecone crunchies rub my head, if I have stickies, or maybe flu, and you always listen to my problems, and you always annoy my best friend!
’’’Elliot’’’: But then Gisele was a rapid monster! She looked at me and hopped over to me doing a hare style. I ran as fast as I could. I trampled over mud. I slipped on wet leaves, and I bumped into trees, but she was following me, calling, crunchy, crunchy! I was nearby, and I looked at Giselle, who is ready to make me into a good pinecone, crunchy! I backed away, and suddenly I grabbed a wet leaf and threw in her eyes!
’’’Boog’’’: So, uh, hey! You threw it in her eyes, and she backed away as the rabbit monster, and you made a run for it?!! ‘’(He Whimpered and grabs a rabbit, hugging it from comfort)’’
’’’Elliot’’’: Well, yeah, she backed away. And I ran as fast as I could headed towards our cabin, and I shouted, ‘’Guys!! Gisele has become a rabbit monster! She chased me and we have to leave the forest now!!!” They all believe me and we left for the airport. But then Giselle had transformed into a multiple lab monster she launched towards us and we screamed!! And then all of a sudden-
’’’Boog’’’: ‘’(Begins screaming and throws the Rabbit down before running away, screaming, and yelling. The other looks surprised, and they look at Elliot, who gives them a wink)’’
’’’Eliot’’’: What? It’s a good story.

‘’(The next morning, boog wakes up, find himself nearby his food and water dish and find him self beneath Dinkelman)’’

’’’Boog’’’: uh… Dinkelman? Dinkelman!! We’re OK! We’re back in timberline! It was all just a bad dream! Hey, Beth, Beth!

‘’(Best turns around and gives him a welcome smile. She runs towards him and gives him a belly rub and his food with orange slices, Pork chops, and some lemon and lime slices. Boog His tummy and eats his food and gives him more. Best loads in the car and they drive over to Sheriff Gordy, who ruffles him on the fur and gives him a blue ribbon)’’

’’’Gordy’’’: I’d say this bear is not enough to take him away. We should take him to Wampus Swamp to go fishing!

‘’(Boog Happily, then smiles, and daydreams that he’s eating a load of fish. They arrive at the swap, and they sit down and toss their fishing poles. Suddenly, Beth’s fishing pole gets whisked away. Boog chases it but when he grabs it, it is just some seaweed)’’

’’’Boog’’’: Sorry about that, Beth, but I guess your fishing pole got eaten by a fish from Haiku, A type of legendary fish. Do you want to go to the store and get another one? ‘’(He suddenly notices that is holding the haiku fish, Causing him to get surprised and back away before falling, faced forward into the swamp. He emerges and gasped for air before he discovers his friends walking towards him in an angry tone)’’ Guys? Uh, guys! Don’t tell me that you’re angry because I can see that you look pretty angry!
’’’Elliot’’’: ah, Well, well, my friend. When I first met you when he saved me from that hunter Shaw, You have a grudge against me, and after we were accidentally sent away To the forest, I helped you get back to timberline, but you decided that you would stay in the forest instead because of forest is a good place for a bear. But then, all of a sudden, you abandon the song!! Yeah, yeah! You left us and you said that You were going to live with Beth, and when I told you that we wanted you to stay, and that you were our guardian, He said times have changed and it is now time to move. And then you left everything!!! ‘’(Weeping and sobbing)’’ And not only that, you left our camping trips, you left our hibernation, you left the circus, you left, Mr. weenie, you left Mrs. and Mr. Bobby, You left our parties, you left our raiding in minimarts, You left our cabins, you also left me!! You only care about timberline, being the star, haiku, fish, And even back!
’’’Weenie’’: It’s about time we not become your friend anymore and take you away! ‘’’’’GET HIM!!!!!’’’’’

‘’(Boog Starts running away, while the other is chase him. He cries out for Beth and sheriff Gordy to help him, but they start chasing him as well, feeling angry that he left the force behind. He runs as fast as he can, and hides in the RV, but only for Mrs. and Mr. Bobby to find him and chase him holding shovels and brooms. Boog Runs towards a minimart only to knock everything down, and then starts weeping and crying. They find him and they chase Boog Everywhere. Finally, he hides deep in the swamp, and he emerges, Only his friends, trapping him with the net covering him with honey, feathers, caramel chocolate, Froot Loops, And many more things. Then they take him away, trapping him in the RV, and they start chanting a haiku)’’

’’’Boog’’’: Hey, No! Aaah! No! No, No, nooo! Mommy, Mommy!!! ‘’’’’AAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!!!!’’’’’

‘’(Boog Wakes up from his nightmare with Screaming, and he turns to everyone who is looking at him worried. He didn’t grab some rabbits and hugs them before sucking his thumb. Elliot walk towards him and gives him a pet on the back while Boog Around the forest and a huge sigh of relief)’’

’’’Boog’’’: Remind me never to tell stories before bedtime.









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