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Open Season is a 2006 computer-animated comedy-drama film about Boog, a domesticated 900lb. Grizzly bear, finds himself stranded in the woods 3 days before Open Season. Forced to rely on Elliot, a fast-talking mule deer, the two form an unlikely friendship and must quickly rally other forest animals if they are to form a rag-tag army against the hunters.

Directed by Roger Allers, Jill Culton and Anthony Stacchi. Written by Steve Bencich and Ron J. Friedman.
One Fur All & All Fur One.(taglines)



  • [Singing to the tune of "The Teddy Bear's Picnic"] Once there was a magical elf who lived in a rainbow tree/He lived downstairs from a flatulent dwarf who constantly had to pee/One day, the elf could take no more/So he went to bang on the rude dwarf's door/And what do you know, they suddenly both were married.
  • [About the coffee he found in a dumpster] Yuck. Yuck! It's terrible and wonderful at the same time! It's like freedom in a cup!
  • [Wearing a gumball dispenser on his head] I come in peace.


  • [Eating animal crackers while in the backseat of Gordy's truck and after singing his own version of "Teddy Bear's Picnic"] If you go out into the woods today there's gonna... be some fries. Yeah. And the giraffes taste almost exactly like the elephants. But that's messed up.
  • [Stumbles into his garage and sees Dinkleman staring from his bed] What are you lookin' at? I told you not to wait up! [does a tired growl]
  • The Woo-Hoo bar. She's my lady. Smooth and creamy. So bad I shouldn't. Yet I will.
  • When I'm a bear rug, they can walk all over me. Until then, I ain't goin' down without a fight!


McSquizzy: [When Boog goes over to his tree and hits him with an acorn] Oy! You late for Sunday school? This is McSquizzy's turf! Nobody messes with McSquizzy! 'Cause that's me!
Boog: What?
McSquizzy: Touch a needle on this tree, and I'll give ya such a doin'!
Boog: You and what army?
[The Furry Tail Clan appear]
The Furry Tail Clan: Oy!
Boog: Oh, that army.

Gordy: You know, the longer you wait, the harder it's gonna be for him to adapt.
Beth: Oh, I'm sure he'll... that is, I think he'll--
Gordy: And the harder it's gonna be for you to leave him.

Elliot: [Standing with his butt in the air, his antler stuck to the ground] Hey, Boog! Look, no hands! Though I think I'm getting a sunburn.
Boog: All right, where's home?
Elliot: Or maybe it's a moonburn. Check it out.
[Boog slaps Elliot on the butt]
Elliot: Ow!

Elliot: Boogster, what's the delio?
Boog: I don't know, some kind of chick fight. Elliot, wha' I do?
Elliot: Well, that's easy, you gonna mark your territory. Show them who's boss!
Boog: (nods) All right, ladies, I'm laying down the LAW! (Maria and Rosie stare)
Elliot: Well, unless, of course, they're skunks.
Boog: (They bellow gas at him and runs to the river and washs him with some water, then drys himself with some rabbits) The woods is no place for a bear!

Elliot: I'm a little light-headed.
[His remaining antler cracks off]

[Boog is fighting with Elliot behind the curtains during his show; Boog's holding Elliot by his antler up to the wall]
Boog: You got me in enough trouble!
Elliot: Hey. I, you saved my life. That means that you're responsible for me.
Boog: What? Stop messing up my life!
Elliot: You needed to get out, you should thank me. [Crosses arms]
Boog: Thank you?!
Elliot: [Now happy and smiling] You're welcome, buddy!
Boog: [Drops Elliot] Grrr! Stop callin' me that! Now get out!

Reilly: [About Boog] Hey, guys. Check it out. The largest carinvore in North America. The grizzly bear.
Elliot: And he's a good dancer. We're gonna be in a show.

Boog: Boog is sorry. [Begins to cry]
Gordy: Beth, you're not his mother.
Beth: I'm not mothering him.

[Boog taps on his garage window and waves at Beth]

Beth: Excuse me. GO TO BED, BOOG!!!

[Boog then vomits on the window]

Shaw: [Referring to Mr. Weenie] Don't trust him. Pets are double agents. The moment you turn your backs, he'll shiv ya.
Bobbie: Oh, no, he can't. We had him fixed.

McSquizzy: Get off my trees, ya buck-toothed sporran!

Boog: [After waking up in the forest face-to-face with a flower] Ooooohhh... pretty.

Elliot: You know, I've been thinkin', we should have a secret handshake, and, like, nicknames and stuff. Like, I can call you "Boogster," and you can call me "The Incredible Mr. E." You like that? I just made it up. You know, this is gonna be awesome. It's just you and me. Hey, who's the lady in the shorts?

Bobbie: Isn't it peaceful out here, Bob? You're right, Bob. Let's not spoil the beauty of this moment... with idle chatter. Some people can just jibber-jabber till the cows come home. What does that mean, Bob? "Till the cows come home." Where have the cows been?

McSquizzy: Mess not with the Furry Tail Clan, protectors of the weak, crusaders of the righteous, guardians of the pine!

Reilly: Yo, O'Toole!
O'Toole: Yeah, boss?
Reilly: I want you to cantilever that cedar on a bias by the north side.
O'Toole: Huh?
Reilly: Put a twig in the hole.
O'Toole: Oh.
Reilly: Rookie.

Elliot: Ian's right, I'm a loser.
Boog: No, you're not a loser.
Elliot: Yes, I am!
Boog: No, you're not!
Elliot: Yes!
Boog: No!
Elliot: Trust me, you know the day I met you, Ian kicked me out of the herd, I lost my antler, I got run over, and tied to the hood of a truck. What do you call that?
Boog: Ahhh... a loser! But check this out. Behold, the Mighty Grizzly! I look like a bear, I talk like a bear. But I can't fish, I can't climb a tree, I can't even go in the woods!
Elliot: That's nothin'! Half doe, half buck! I'm a duck!
Boog: I ride a unicycle for crackers.
Elliot: I have a glass eye.
Boog: I can't snap.
Elliot: I thought log was a color.
Boog: I can't see my feet!
Elliot: I killed a man!
[both laugh]

Elliot: [Stuck in the ground] Okay, righty tighty.
[He turns right]
Elliot: Leeefffttty loosey.
[He turns left]

[Explaining the woods to Boog]
Elliot: Okay, Forest 101: These tall stick things are called trees. The big rocks are called mountains and the little rocks are their babies.

Elliot: I'm a little light-headed.
[His one remaining antler falls off]

[Repeated line]
Buddy: Buddy!

Shaw: How far does this conspiracy go?! How many animals are in on it?! God bless America! I hope the bald eagle hasn't turned!

Ian: "Boog?" What's that short for? "BOOGER?"
[Ian and the herd laugh]

Beaver #1: Hey, what you got?
Beaver #2: Wood. What you got?
Beaver #1: Wood. You want to trade?

McSquizzy: Is this a private fight or can anybody join? 'Cause McSquizzy wants in!
[The Furry Tail Clan appear]
The Furry Tail Clan: Oy!
Boog: Good, 'cause we're gonna need your nuts!
Elliot: And your acorns too!

McSquizzy: Aww! Mr. Happy didn't go off!

Boog: [finding out that he is in the forest] AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!!

[Boog's scream echoes throughout the woods]

[Elliot comes out of the bag]
Elliot: Hey. Would you keep it down? I'm tryin' to sleep here. [yawns in Boog's face; Boog shakes angrily]
Boog: You!
[Boog takes the bag off of him and walks over to a cliff]
Elliot: No I didn't do it!
Boog: [holding Elliot over the cliff] Take a good look around, Elliot. What's missing?
Elliot: Wait, don't tell me. I...
Boog: Timberline is missing!
Elliot: Oh, I was just going to say that.
Boog: My garage is missing. My breakfast, lunch and dinner are missing! My life is missing, and it's all... your... fault!
Elliot: What are you gonna do?

[Boog lets go of Elliot's antler; he falls, but Boog quickly grabs Elliot]

[Boog holds him up]
Elliot: [realizing he wasn't falling] [chuckles] You're funny! I thought, "Maybe," but then I was like, "Uh-huh!", and then...
[Boog throws Elliot to the ground while trying to find Timberline]

Shaw: [after seeing Elliot walking around on two legs and drinking some coffee he found in a nearby dumpster] You! It walks... like a man!

Elliot: [after seeing Boog's bowl with his name on it] Oh! I get it! You're like a pet! [chuckles]
Boog: I ain't nobody's pet!
Elliot: [holding Boog's bowl] Right.

Ian: Herd! Circle formation!
[The herd instead make an oval shape]
Ian: You pinheads, that's on oval! More... circle-y!
[The herd make a circle shape]

Boog: [as Gordy is about to arrest him] Behold... the Mighty... Grizzly. Good night.
[Boog passes out]

Boog: [helium voice] Hello, Idiot.
Elliot: [helium voice] That's Elliot.
[both laugh]

[as the wilds encounter Mr. Weenie]
Reilly: It's a pet! He'll give us away!

[Weenie stops growling as Elliot gives him a smile; Mr. Weenie sighs]

Mr. Weenie: I've been living a lie! [rips off his shirt] Please... take me vith you!
Elliot: Wow.

Boog: All right, fish. Give it up for Boog!

Shaw: [enters his cabin and looks in his fridge] Somebody's been eatin' my candy! [sees his overturned chair] Somebody's been sitting in my chair! [goes to his toilet] Somebody... FORGOT TO FLUSH!! Aaargh!

Elliot: [when Boog asks where the toilets are in the forest] Don't look now, but I see a little bush with your name written all over it.
Boog: A bush? Are you serious?
Elliot: Go on. It's just like riding a bicycle, only... you're crapping on it.
[Boog reluctantly goes over to the bush]
Elliot: Show us your "GRRR" face, nature boy!

Beth: You're in big trouble, mister!
Boog: Sheesh!
[Boog passes out]
Boog: Ow!

[Beth takes something off of Boog and gasps]

Beth: You know what sugar does to you, Boog! [closes Gordy's truck's back door] Straight to bed! Now!
[Boog gets up and runs over to his garage]

Elliot: I call them Woo-Hoos. Like in, "Woo-hoo!"

Bobbie: All right, Mr. Weenie, Mama's gonna go take a dip.
Mr. Weenie: Good. Mama's getting kind of gamey.

Gordy: Shaw, open season isn't for 3 days. What is that buck doing on your hood?
Shaw: What? It ain't my fault! He ran right in front of my truck!
Gordy: Where? On the interstate?
[the scene cuts to a flashback where Shaw drives right in front of the deer who is eating grass and runs him over; the scene then cuts back to the present day]
Shaw: [chuckles] Sorta.

Beth: [after seeing that Shaw has killed Elliot] Shaw! That guy really chaps my khakis. You wait here, Boog.
[Beth goes off to confront Shaw while Boog waits in the truck]

McSquizzy: That was just a warning, all right? Try it again, I'll be kicking your furry brown bahookie! [slaps his butt]

[after Boog accidently destroys the beaver dam]
Reilly: [to Boog] You! You did this!
[all the forest animals angrily mutters to Boog]
Boog: What? What did I do?
Reilly: You dragged us down to the hunting grounds!

About Open SeasonEdit

  • I’ve never been on the technical side of creating software and stuff, and I have to say those guys are just as artistic as the best designer you could ever find. Talking to them is just like talking to an artist and there are so many creative minds. I’ve been able to benefit from challenging some of the software engineers to create new tools, but I haven’t been part of the creating process. It just seems like a miracle to me that they keep making these tools. Specifically, on Open Season I wanted a tool where the characters could have built-in squash-and-stretch where you can manipulate the silhouettes. You basically have the ability to sculpt the characters into any shape you want. I gave a two-hour lecture and I showed all these old Disney films and stylized Warner Bros. cartoons and showed how the characters could squash and stretch out of proportion. I went frame by frame and they just kind of looked at me, and I thought, ‘I’m such an idiot. They don’t understand me.’ But the next day the phone was ringing off the hook. They came out of the woodwork asking all about this and within about four months this amazing, revolutionary too was developed. When I peek behind the curtain, that’s the one part that I don’t know how it happens. But I’m so glad it does because it takes both sides’the creative, visual storytelling and this wonderful, creative team of technical guys who are still pushing the envelope and creating new stuff.
    • Jill Culton [1]


  • One Fur All & All Fur One.
  • The Season Is Changing.
  • Boyz 'N The Wood.
  • The Odd Are About To Get Even.
  • From Mild To Wild.


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