Ooops! Noah Is Gone...

2015 animated film by Toby Genkel and Sean McCormack

Ooops! Noah Is Gone... (also known as All Creatures Big and Small in the United States and Two by Two in the United Kingdom) is a 2015 3D computer-animated adventure comedy film about what happened to the creatures that missed Noah's Ark.

Directed by Toby Genkel and Sean McCormack.




  • Somebody needs a hug!
  • [meeting Leah] Hey.
  • [to Dave] Dad, everyone is staring.
  • [about the Grymps] Did you see those cool-looking black cats? I think they're called Grymps, right? Maybe we will meet them again on board.
  • Are you sure? Nestrains are great company. And we build pretty good shelters.


  • [first lines of the film] Of course. I need the drink warmer. Okay Ah.. [the film starts in a sunny desert] Where is that? Hmm, okay. We put that, over there. [The camera zooms to the Nestrains' home] Ahh. Map, map, map. Finny did you take the map? And where's the flask?
  • Hello, I'm Dave. I'm a Nestrain.
  • [to Finny] Don't say that. I'll find us a home. A place where you'll make friends.
  • We will get on the ark. [puts the coconut on his nose] You'll see.
  • [to Lion Captain] But my son... He's all I have!
  • You want to play dirty? [sprays his odor] That's how you play dirty!




  • You think I look like that?
  • [to Finny] What a waste of effort for just one night. huh.


  • Grymps don't save lives, we take 'em!
  • Leah? [Leah: Well?] Well what? We are Grymps.
  • Is this some sort of joke?
  • [to the Chimp waiter] THIS ISN'T MY HUSBAND, THROW HIM OFF THIS ARK!
  • [to Prairie Dog] Where's my daughter?!
  • You'd better think of a way out of here fast. Because I am getting hungry.

Mr. Griffin and Mrs. Griffin

  • Mr. Griffin: [to Mr. Gorilla] No offense mate, but you're a gorilla, things already got ugly.

  • Mr. Griffin: What the heck was that?
  • Mrs. Griffin: How many times do I have to tell you, EAT SLOWLY!!
  • Mr. Griffin: Oh, but I was so hungry.
  • Mrs. Griffin: Great, they were the only food left!

  • Mrs. Griffin: What is that? A giant tortoise?
  • Mr. Griffin: Don't know, but it's helping them.

  • Mrs. Griffin: Looks like we got to come up with... something else!


[The Griffins have arrived, cutting the line for the animals]
Mr. Gorilla: Hey, do not cut the line!
Mrs. Griffin: Sorry guys, we're in a hurry. It's the Griffins, check the list, if you can read!
[Mr. Gorilla growls at the Griffins]
Prairie Dog: [from inside Mr. Griffin's mouth] Help! Get me out!
[Mr. Griffin shrugs his shoulders and Mr. Gorilla growls]
Prairie Dog: The bat breath is killing me! [Mr. Griffin closes his mouth] Get me out of here!
Mr. Gorilla: [off-screen] Hey, [on-screen] Spit him out! You know the rules.
Mrs. Griffin: [sighs] Can't you pull yourself for once?
[Mr. Griffin spits the prairie dog out of his mouth]
Prairie Dog: [groans] I didn't come here all the way to Kansas to get eaten. [walks off]
Mr. Griffin: Oh... you look so tasty.
Mr. Gorilla: You guys should scram, before things get ugly.
Mr. Griffin: No offense mate, but you're a gorilla, things already got ugly.
[The Griffins laugh at Mr. Gorilla off-screen]
Mr. Gorilla: [growls] You asked for it!
[Mr. Gorilla kicks the Griffins out of the ark and the Griffins are expelled]

Finny: Where are you going?
Leah: None of your business.
Finny: Cool. Count me in!

[The spider is giving Dave some questions]
Dave: Uh-huh. No, She did not.
Hazel: [sighs] Dose he know where the kids are or not?
Dave: Shh! [The spider whispers through Dave's ear] No.
[Hazel growls at Dave]

[The Griffins are creating a trap in order to get Finny and his friends]
Mrs. Griffin: Ha, ha!
Mr. Griffin: Ha, ha!
[Mr. Griffin and Mrs. Griffin push rocks and boulders and they kept pushing and then the rocks and boulders created a bridge]
Mr. Griffin: Ha, ha, ha!
Mrs. Griffin: Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha!
Mr. Griffin: Ha, ha, ha, ha!
[Mrs. Griffin touches one of the boulders with her toe and the trap is done]
Mrs. Griffin: That fat toad will go down like a ton of bricks! [laughs evilly]

[Dave meets Lion Captain again]
Dave: Hi! [laughs] How are you... doing? [Hazel looked shocked and palms her face] I was wondering If I have a word with you?
Lion Captain: [stops steering the ship] You again? My you're a persistent little creature.
Dave: [laughs] Oh... [clears his throat] Uh... Your highness [laughs] We... [notices Hazel is gone] Huh.
[Lion Captain roars softly]
Dave: I have a... big problem. Our kids are out there. Captain, you have to turn the ship around, And...
Lion Captain: I believe we discussed that issue.
Dave: But, sir. please...
Lion Captain: [sighs] You're really starting to get on my last nerve...
Dave: But my son... He's all I have!
Lion Captain: I see... I'm not going to get of you that easily. I suppose I could make an exception to the troops between herbivores and CARNIVORES!! [growls]
Dave: Uh...
Lion Captain: I don't think anyone's going to miss our... [suddenly Hazel whacks him] Nestrians...
[Lion Captain falls]
Hazel: I told you, There's no talking to this guy.

Leah: We need to go slow. And one by one, keep a good distant between each other. Some of these rocks are very loose. [touches one of the rocks and they begin to come loose] So wait for my word and then...
[Leah tries to touch one of the rocks]
Finny: [off-screen] And then what? [on-screen when he, Obesey and Stayput are on the rock bridge]
Leah: You got to be kidding me.
[The rock bridge begins to collapses and Finny and his friends fell]
Mr. Griffin: Dinner's coming.
[But then one of the rocks destroys the table and crushes Mrs. Griffin]
Mrs. Griffin: Ahh!
Mr. Griffin: Huh?
[Mr. Griffin avoids two rocks and more rocks fell. Mr. Griffin sees another rock fell but then the other rocks disappear and one falls towards him]
Mr. Griffin: Uh-oh!
[A rock crushes Mr. Griffin]

[The Griffins sit on their nest waiting for food to comes]
Mr. Griffin: [groans] I'm famished.
Mrs. Griffin: Huh! Tell me about it. So what now? We wait until food just drops out of the sky?
[Finny and Leah then landed on their nest]
Mrs. Griffin: What the...
Mr. Griffin: [laughs] You are a genius, darling.
Mrs. Griffin: [off-screen] Nothing like home delivery.
[The Griffins laugh evilly and Finny looked shocked while Leah growls at them]
Mr. Griffin: Where's your big slug friend to help you now?
[They stop and then they saw Obesey falling off the cliff]
Mr. Griffin and Mrs. Griffin: Oh, there he is.
[Obesey falls closer and Leah picks up Finny. Obesey then destroys the nest and bumps into the Griffins]
Finny: Obesey!
Leah: Stayput!
Obesey: Remember us!
Stayput: As heroes!
[Obesey and Stayput then falling to their presumed demise]

Margaret: Look, isn't that those Nestrians?
Flamingo: Oh, yeah. Finally they found where they belong.
Lion Captain: Yeah, probably we should've told them at the check-in, don't you think?


  • 1 ark. 50,000 animals. What could go wrong?
  • Small heroes set sail for big adventure.


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